Pimax Update January 29th 2022

Pimax Update

January 29th, 2022

NEW Pitool 275V Beta released
This version is intended to address issues reported from the previous beta. It includes some updates to the labels and descriptions about the compulsive smooth feature and corrected some bugs with this and other features. Performance in some cases is also improved.

This version also includes an updated version of the DFU flashing tool.

Here is the link if you wish to check it out:


Our Pitool engineering team is continuing to investigate reports from a couple of users that version 274 Beta caused a screen black out. Reverting to a previous version solved the issue but once we determine the cause we will include this fix in the next beta version.

Luke Ross MOD’s

Luke Ross detailed issues he has encountered with our rendering engine that are now being analyzed by our Pitool team. We are working to resolve these issues to fully enable smooth operation using his various mods. Luke has been releasing setup suggestions and mod updates that improve the operation as well. We thank him for his support and advice.

Luke’s work offering robust VR support for the most popular non-VR games is important for the VR industry so here is a quick link to his Patreon page for those who wish to support his cause:

Sword Shipments have resumed

Batch #3 is now going out as we continue to fulfill Swords in the following order: KS Backers, pre-orders and later orders.

If you’ve change the address recently, please create a service ticket here :Submit a ticket : Pimax Support

Missed original backer box deliveries
We received a couple of reports from backers who didn’t receive their backer boxes. We completed all shipments for these many months ago so if you are owed a backer box and did not receive it please create a ticket here: Submit a ticket : Pimax Support and let us know so we can get you your box.

Your Pimax Team.

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