Pimax Update - February 29

Dear users, partners, and friends,

We’ll be introducing a bi-weekly blog to update you on anything related to the Pimax Crystal and Pimax. Today let’s go over the wide FOV lenses, the new Pimax Play update, and the Comfort Topstrap.

Wide FOV lenses

Pimax has always been committed to satisfying user requests. After the launch of Crystal, many users felt the clarity of the Crystal was high enough to cancel out the need for the 42 PPD lenses, and would rather have wider FOV lenses as an option instead. We have invested a lot of R&D resources to develop interchangeable wide FOV lenses for the Pimax Crystal. These are also made of glass and support eye-tracking — and ensure not only high clarity, but also broaden the field of view. Compared with standard 35 PPD lenses, the horizontal FOV is expanded by 10% to 15%.

But the complexity of optics and lens technology— especially glass — is high, and required us to solve a series of problems.

Because the wide FOV lenses sit slightly further away from the panel, this results in a larger distance from the pupil to the panel. This larger distance is necessary, otherwise there may be edge blurring or blue edge problems for the user. In order to give an optimal experience, we recommend users to use their wide FOV lenses together with the 15mm Facial Foam on their Pimax Crystal. Going forward, we will provide this foam with all wide FOV lens purchases.

After the first samples we tested with the thicker facial foam, users reported positively about the wide FOV lenses. Based on this, we decided to officially start shipping the new lenses in small batches to meet everyone’s demand. The first batch went out in January, and a second and third batch have already gone out this month. More are going out in March or early April.

Here, we sincerely thank you for your long-term support and understanding of Pimax. We will continue to work hard to develop the ultimate products and provide you with the best user experience.

Comfort Topstrap

A new batch of Comfort Topstrap is being made and this item should be in stock soon, we’re expecting the middle of March. The Comfort Topstrap is an optional accessory for the Pimax Crystal aimed to alleviate head pressure for enhanced comfort and prolonged VR enjoyment.

The new Pimax Play Update

This Monday, the new 1.18.02 Pimax Play update went live, with Fast Pass-through, forced 1/2 Frame-rate lock options, and several bug fixes. Simply open Pimax Play and hit ‘Update’.