Pimax Update December 31st 2021

Pimax Update

31st December 2021

Pimax CES 2022 Official Withdrawal Statement

We regret to inform our customers, partners and fans that we have decided we won’t be able to operate our booth at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada January 5th through the 8th.

This decision was a difficult one as we had already decided to operate the booth without the participation of some of the key elements of our team due to international travel restrictions and use personnel from our USA office only along with an enthusiastic group of volunteers who stepped forward to assist.

As the show date approached the extremely rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 caused a number of our partners, scheduled media appearances and other show activities to be either moved online or cancelled. This, combined with considerations about the safety of our staff and amazing volunteers we ultimately decided caution was the best approach and informed the teams we are withdrawing from operating the booth on the show floor.

A great deal of effort continues to be poured into our next generation headset development efforts and we are extremely excited to show the public our accomplishments in bringing VR 3.0 to enthusiasts everywhere. We have an amazing lineup of breakthroughs to show, some of them have progressed beyond what we expected to be able to show at this event.

Media, Partners and Enthusiast Las Vegas Meeting Requests

Some team members are still traveling to Las Vegas during CES and can be made available to meet with Media, Partners and Enthusiasts during the show upon request. If you would like to check out some of our next generation technology or arrange for an interview discussing what the future holds for Pimax please email us at pimaxusa@pimax.com to arrange for a meeting.

LiveStream NextGen Technology Event

A short time after CES has ended we will be doing a livestream event to show the public our next generation VR technology and more. Plus we will be answering your questions! We will provide a press release with more details about this upcoming event.

Thank You for Your Support

Every day we see the dawn even after the darkest nights and we are certain the world will see the dawn and the end of this pandemic one day soon.
We at Pimax offer you all our best wishes, thoughts and hopes for 2022!
Stay Safe!

Pitool V274 Beta

The new Pitool V274 is now available. This version includes bug fixes and optimizations and this version fixes compatibility issues with Tundra trackers.

Please let us know your experience and any issues with Pitool 274 in this thread:

Christmas Snap and Win Contest!

The Christmas Snap and Win contest ends December 31st so only a short time to post your Pimax headset and PC setup to grab a chance to win a Steam Gift Card! You can check it out here:

Ultra VR Package

Flash deal for 8KX and 5K Super! Starting from only $999!

Time to start a new VR journey with us at 2022!

T&C applied.

Your Pimax Team