Pimax Update August 11th 2021

Pimax Update

August 11th , 2021

Pimax Sword Controller

Designs, testing and initial production are complete. Soon we will make the official announcement along with detailed technical information on this exciting new device!

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DMAS Development

We performed extensive internal and external testing of several variations of sample production batches. The result did not meet our standards and required we make improvements to the internal electronic design. We’ve now completed the electrical update that should resolve the issues that were reported.

We apologize for the excessive delays in releasing the DMAS to the public .

The good news is we have a sample batch in production that includes all the changes and this will be delivered to our offices for testing on August 20th. One of the challenges has been not only do we need to resolve any issues we discover but as our flagship audio solution the DMAS needs to outperform the KDMAS and the KDMAS turned out to be very popular with testers. The additional changes in addition to correcting some issues should allow the DMAS to perform better than the KDMAS is most scenarios.

Eye Tracking Prescription Lens Adapter Released

We are excited to announce the completion of our Eye Tracking prescription lens adapter 3D print files. This adapter is the result of a lot of development effort and allows high quality lenses to be inserted into the eye tracking aperture.

Most importantly this STP file also includes the lens design you can provide to your lens manufacturer. This way you will have the exact dimensions and will fit seamlessly into the design.

We will provide these files to anyone upon request to @PimaxQuorra or @PimaxUSA on openmr and we will provide them to you.

An additional note: Those who have updated to the latest software, eye tracking firmware and use a direct cable to their usb 3.0 port have seen a lot of success recently with the ET module.

If you have not done so we suggest updating and giving it try.

Pimax Experience Progress

New updates are coming to the popular Pimax Experience software. Please follow the thread if you don’t wish to miss out any latest updates!

Pimax Outreach to VR Developers
In case you missed out this, please click here for more information.

Your Pimax Team.