Pimax Update 20th May 2022

Pimax Update
May 20th, 2022

1.NEW 12K QLED Trade-In Program Benefits Added!
The latest trade-in program has been revealed! Please kindly check the site for more information.

  • Customers who own or purchase a Pimax 5K Super will now receive a $900 trade-in value towards the Pimax Reality 12K QLED!
  • Customers who have Sword Controllers will receive a free $50 coupon (no trade-in required) that can be used towards the Reality Series Lighthouse faceplate upgrade. This allows you to use Steam Lighthouse accessories.

To learn more details here is the link:

2.NEW Pimax Event on the Horizon
We have a big announcement on deck and are putting on an event to tell you all about it! Joshua is back and the event has already been filmed! It’s currently going through final touches so you can expect to see it very soon. We will put the date up on our website and social media sites when the announcement date is set.

3.2022 8KX Firmware Update
8KX’s purchased in 2022 with integrated DMAS have an upcoming firmware update that should be entering into BETA quite soon. This version resolves a number of issues and even includes some nice technical improvements. We will make the beta available on the OpenMR forum when it exits final stages of alpha testing.

4.Intermittent SteamVR launch issue
If you are having issues with SteamVR crashing on launch we are still investigating this issue. Anyone who has experienced this issue please let us know, and we’d greatly appreciate if you can provide a Pitool log file so we can further analyze the issue. So far we have been unable to replicate the issue in the lab.

5.OpenMR Store Update
The OpenMR store has let us know that it’s undergoing maintenance and currently unavailable. If you have any item you purchased but have not received please let our support staff know immediately or send an email to openmr@openmr.com

Your Pimax Team.

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