Pimax Update 11th March 2022

Pimax Update 11th March 2022

8KX Hardware

Pimax is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of high-end VR equipment. Our main job, as with other manufacturers engaged to hardware research and development, is to provide the most dependable supply of our components possible.

To ensure the continuity and stability of the supply of various Pimax products, every Pimax user may pick the items that fit him. There are first and second source suppliers who complement and assist one another. The components utilised in Pimax’s production line (including all critical components, including chips) have been rigorously tested and meet performance criteria.

The globe is currently experiencing significant chip shortages, and the original chip utilised in our 8KX had also encountered a temporary dilemma, to secure the 8KX production, we’ve collaborate with our second-source supplier. After applying the chips from our second source provider, the performance in the 90Hz refresh rate mode is relatively stable. We are quickly endeavoring to unify the test versions to bring all the recent features into the official firmware release for this device. This will add 75Hz and upscale compatibility in future firmware updates.

At the same time, the 8KX’s compatibility will change owing to variances in the compatibility of the second supply chips. The present 8KX is not compatible with AMD graphics cards nor laptops, however please rest assured that we are constantly working to improve compatibility. We reinforced the reminder on the official website and validated whether the consumer is purchasing the suitable device.

It’s also worth mentioning that the recently released 8KX uses the 2001 firmware version universally. When the headset is connected for the first time, the newly available 275V Pitool automatically assigns the relevant firmware, eliminating the need for subsequent firmware flashing.

Note : If you have an AMD graphics card or a notebook, please contact our customer service team so that we can address it for you.

If you have any queries or feedback while using the product, our technical specialist will respond as soon as possible.

We sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

More Sword Controller Shipments

We’ve shipped by far our largest batch of Sword Controllers to our US Warehouse which will dramatically increase the ease US customers will have retrieving their deliveries.

Next, we are arranging an allocation to our EU warehouse that should also improve the speed and reliability of shipments to that region.

If you are a backer receiving Sword Controllers please don’t forget to verify your address by creating a ticket here: Submit a ticket : Pimax Support

Upcoming Events!

We are working on upcoming events with the first one in March – we will put out details at a later date. We are also planning an additional event in March and multiple other events for April and May – should be quite the exciting 90 days!

We have a lot of exciting items to announce and update product details so stay tuned!

Your Pimax Team.