Pimax trade in program for 12k, how's going to work?

Hello i’m new, on march this year i bought my first pimax 8kx from Amazon.it in what i think it is the official pimax virtual reality store for amazon in my country; does this mean that i should be a pimaxian and so i could benefit for the pimax price deduction from the pimax 12k purchase?



Welcome to OpenMR!
If you owned 8KX, you’re one of the Pimaxian! :partying_face:

Further details on the program will come in upcoming days.
Please kindly stay tuned!



Hi Pimaxquorra you say “owned” does this mean i’m eligible for the program if i sold my 8kX?


We will obtain all of the program’s specifics, including the terms and conditions, qualifications, and so on.
As several customers have asked, if they buy used, would they be eligible for this programme.

The next announcement will provide answers to all of these questions.



correct me if i’m wrong, so we that already own the 8kx are eligible for the discount on the purchase of the new 12k? or the discount is applied only for people that are buying the vr 2.0 since today?

It says something like “the headset bought 12 months before the release of the frontier…”, and the frontier will be available Q4 next year. So it means only the headset you bought this month or last month has this kind of discount.

Incorrect - it says that everyone who purchased a Pimax headset all the way up to 12 months after the 12K release Frontier event (basically until the 12K release) is eligible for the trade-in.
But let’s wait for the release of all the program details.

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damn, really? i thought that everyone who purchased a pimax vr would benefit this, some sort of thanks for supporting them…what a bad news

So pratically from this moment on the next 12 month everyone who’s buying a vr 2.0 will get the discount, am i right? it’s not a very good deal, who the heck is gonna pay for the 8kx considering that the 12k is on the corner…?

Damn i want this headset so badly but 2400 dollars considering the VAT applied in europe is pratically unaffordable for me

The program is open for anyone with a Pimax headset. That part is decided on so you will definitely qualify. The mechanics of the program are still being determined because we want to make the program as simple as possible.


Oh cool! definitely buying this masterpiece then!

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Maybe you just give us Pimaxians a discount instead? I want to give my best friend the 5K super when 12K is out. Don’t want to trade in.

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i don’t think they’ll need our headset to be returned to pimax, that would be very incovenient for both parts; plus, i can’t imagine waiting for the 12k without using my 8kx meanwhile

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No trade-in oppotunity for a small number of us anyway – my 8kX has been taken apart, introduced to a file with big pointy teeth, and never been 100% reassembled again. :9


just to be 100% sure, am i eligible to the discount even if i bought the 8kx not in your official store but in your official amazon marketplace “PIMAX VIRTUAL REALITY”? i mean this in the following image:

Should be good considering i’ve bought it directly from you, even it was in amazon, right?

Wait what about backers? Surely you guys will extend the offer to backers right?

seems that kickstarter backers will receive an extra 100$ coupon, it’s very generous that pimax is giving us the opportunity to afford the vr 3.0

I believe that’s implied in this response:

Unless You mean backers that no longer own the headset in which case You can’t really do a trade-in if that’s what it ends up being.


Seems kind of strange that you’d send it back. Are they really going to resell used units?

Not to mention shipping and various customs taxes/fees for sending electronics


No idea.

Can’t really do much but wait for a final decision on it… :wink:


nah, i don’t think so, will be something like “send us the invoice as proof you bought a pimax vr”