Pimax, the NY VR Expo begins tomorrow

“To schedule an 8K demo, please sign up here: EepURL - A Mailchimp Service

I have signed up for the demo as per the link the day Pimax released this message and several times now I have asked (in this forum and Kickstarter) about how and when Pimax will actually arrange this schedule but my questions have been ignored.

Now that the show will begin within 24 hours, can I please get a response? Are you actually scheduling demos tomorrow and how can I receive a scheduled time?

@deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu @bacon

The link is to sign up before the demo,

welcome to stop by the booth at NYVR.
27th 10am-5pm
28th 10am-4pm

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Alright… but your explanation is kinda weak! What was the purpose of publishing a form online and asking people to fill it out “TO SCHEDULE” a demo?!?!?!? Will you be asking people at the expo to fill out a form to demo the HMD if they hadn’t done so online? Doubtful.