Pimax Sword Sense Controllers Enquiry Question

I’m not entirely sure if this has been discussed here or early on the topics. Can the Pimax Controllers pair up right away in SteamVr as well.

Lets say someone wanted to buy the controllers but they use a non Pimax headset like the Index or the Vive etc, but they would rather use the Pimax Sword Sense or Pimax Controllers.

I really cant wait for the Sense Controllers tbh, I just really hope the thumbstick itself is more durable like how the Rift ones (compared to the index ones), since they are more solid, even with the thumbstick clicking.

I also hope the battery life about 6hrs or so at least.



This is the first I have heard about them. Where Can I find out more about the controllers/

It will depend on how they implement the controllers. If they can be paired outside of pitool when released. I see no reason they couldn’t be used with other headsets.

It would be counterproductive to not allow them outside pitool… well I guess we will see.

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