Pimax Sword Controller

Pimax Sword

Quick Description – What is the Pimax Sword?


In short, the Pimax Sword is a SteamVR compatible controller similar to Vive and Index handheld controllers.

From the beginning we designed the Pimax Sword controller to literally be wielded like a fencing sword. Over the last 2 years we listened to feedback from countless users and implemented many changes over the development of these controllers.

Our strategy is to provide the ultimate gaming experience and as a result it took time to iterate the Sword controllers into devices we felt are ready for the public. We know some users have been waiting quite a long time for these controllers but for the record we did provide refunds to those who requested and we also allowed users to apply the kickstarter funds towards the purchase of Valve Index controllers. As a result, the users who remain are those who chose to wait for this release and we both thank them for their patience and apologize for the long wait. We expect to ship to those users . The MSRP of a set of Sword Controllers is $259.

Pimax Sword TLDR Statistics and features

  • SteamVR compatible controller similar to the Vive and Index controllers.

  • Battery Hot-Swap capability. Swap batteries without losing the connection to SteamVR and continue gaming without interruption.

  • Commonly accessible battery that can be purchased easily online.

  • Battery Quick-charges via a 3 channel charging system.

  • Advanced tactile coating enhances grip and comfort.

  • 52 sensors track position from all angles and at any distance from your body. (even when your hands are behind you, close to the headset or below your waist).

  • 4 Hours continuous operation between charges

  • Ruggedized design for long life.

  • Designed to cup your hand and be wielded like a fencing sword.

  • Includes a lanyard.

  • Shipping in mid Fall

  • MSRP $259 for the pair


Ergonomically designed for fast movements and rapid reactions.


The Pimax Sword controller is designed to be adapted to the hand as closely as we could replicate it and this allows users to wield it in natural ways. The Sword uses an advanced texture coating that is both rugged and very comfortable on your hands. We also put a lot of work into the design and angle of the strap, so the controller is both feels natural and won’t slip during intense game action.

Integrated finger tracking and ergonomic buttons provides outstanding immersion

Built-in finger tracking sensors track your finger positions in real time for games that support this capability. This allows real human grasping actions to be captured as well as other hand motions and gestures. Picking up objects and throwing them just like in real life is an example of some of the actions the finger tracking and grip button can provide.


SteamVR buttons include: Grip button, menu button, system button and the trigger button. Around the thumb position we use a circular touchpad to allow the players to have smooth gameplay movements.

Incredible Durability

The buttons and actuators for the Pimax Sword controller have undergone hundreds of thousands of actuations to insure maximum durability for many years of intense gameplay.

52 sensors provide 360-degree motion coverage

52 built-in sensors together with the Lighthouse positioning system can achieve complete 360-degree motion coverage in a room scale setting and provide extremely precise position detection.

Never worry about low battery interrupting gameplay again

Different from other controllers the Pimax Sword controller allows you to hot-swap the battery without losing the connection. Our dual replaceable lithium battery design allows continuous gameplay experiences with no worries about a low battery ruining your experience.

Further the batteries themselves is a common lithium battery model that can easily and cheaply be obtained online.

This solves the problem most VR controllers have where the user is required to ship the controller back to the factory when the battery fails or cannot be recharged.


For further information

Once again if you have any questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA or @SweViver on OpenMR.

Don’t forget to leave your comments at Pimax Sword Tester Group, we will pick 5 backers to help us run tests in this project.

We are happy to solve any issues or queries you might have.

Your Pimax Team.