Pimax support page inaccessible?

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @anon74848233

I have noticed recently people on the forum complaining about not being able to access support account. Just out of curiosity I tried myself (to see how my “SUPEN” was doing) and found out the same thing. My login/password does not work anymore.

Since the password reset was reported also as not working I did not try that, just to avoid any more confusion in my credentials.

Are you aware of the problem and how do you plan to address it?

Ok, now it seems to be working again (just 5 minutes later after I posted the OP). But I cannot delete the topic.

@Heliosurge could you delete the whole topic for me?

Its coming and going at the moment. reason is Pimax got hacked and the support database damaged.
I just managed to open a new support account with a new email address.

Support didn’t work for weeks for me. tried different browser, I dont need to fill an ticket so i ignored it.
Where do you want to know there will be hacked?

Edit: read it in an other post… damn, why nobody said something