Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)

I thought this deserves its own topic… so confirming I’ve just received notification of shipping. Backer #6 (UK)

Notice that they say “…units are delivered to the UK warehouse of Pimax” which is good to see, no customs charges hopefully!? Fingers crossed the trip is hazard free :wink:


Yep got the email today as well :slight_smile:

UK means no VAT (or tax?) to any EU countries at least.


Hopefully they’ll complete deliveries to all EU backers before march 29


Great to hear about the development. Is there any expected delivery date?

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hopefully they will complete deliveries to most of the backers before xmas! they slipped a week or so but at least its started!

That would be 600 headsets per week,

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They did say that is the target, only they know how quickly production can be ramped up.


Great to see they handled EU shipping!

Does the tracking# status indicate when shipment actually occurred?

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i’m not going to count those chickens until they are running around the yard laying additional eggs.


That’s all the info I have so far!


Great to hear, nothing forme yet, backer 72

Pimax have just confirmed they have sent 14 so far.

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@spamenigma Git your gun out! That guy walking around your neighborhood in a brown UPS type suit is actually sk1, NOT a real delivery guy!


Out of interest, how did you get to be #6?

I should have employed you to get my (sold out) Glastonbury tickets yesterday lol

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Backer # 53
This is excellent. Gonna be a good test for me, to see if they are using my new email address.

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Great to see shipping confirmation! Hope they get to the 60’s this week!

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Before the kickstarter in the facebook group and forums pimax was quite communicative (What changed pimax!!!???) and we got to see the kickstarter holding page for a short while and knew when it was due to start. I had a lucky refresh and jumped on it straight away.

Giving me 45 days to then decide if to keep the pledge! Pleased that I did :smiley:


Where did they confirmed this information? They’ve recently told us around 40 were sent off.

Fantastic. Looking forwards to your opinion of it.