Pimax software is pretty unstable

Pimax is great if everything works but that is a big IF. It seems pretty unstable in fact.

Start SteamVR, only displays Starting in the SteamVR window, hangs and I have to end the task.

Switch my controllers on, oh I only have blue lights. Set the headset off and on, now my controllers switch on with green lights but the battery level is not displayed or only displayed on one controller.

Switch the headset on, now it doesn’t see my base stations, only rebooting the PC solved it.

Hey now I have a permanent red light on the headset and it won’t switch off, only disconnecting the current and re-connecting solved it.

These are all things that have happened in the last 2 days.


Yeah just had some issues with mine.

Roomscale is out for me now as I can only do it in the other room and DP extensions won’t reach,.

Thought I’d do some basic sitting/controller games like Lucky’s Tale and Moss but it just wasn’t having it today. I was getting either strange coloured bars in the headset, or SteamVR would crash and say “Error 300”, or Steam would finally work and then the game would crash and still say it was running when I’d ended all processes linked to it.

Hopefully they’ll iron this out with time but I wish they were able to just use SteamVR directly as I feel any SteamVR updates can easily break things for us.

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