Pimax should convince Valve to incorporate 60ghz wifi trancievers into their lighthouse system

To solve the occlusion and line of sight problems with 60ghz high resolution wireless.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA I understand Pimax has regular correspondences with Valve and that the wireless has been problematic recently, I suggest that Pimax makes the proposal to Valve to incorporate 60ghz wireless trancievers into their lighthouses and a function to switch the wireless transmission on and off from the back of the wireless (for those who don’t want to use it, and possibly recommend the use of 4 lighthouse 3.0 devices with index and index 2.0 as a wireless addon and for the best tracking)

Problem with new wireless standards is that they still have an issue that any occlusion will drop the fancy fast network speed, so you’ll probably need to connect ethernet to your base stations and transmit it from there.

The big cost issue the bigger companies have with lighthouses won’t ever be solved unless the lighthouses were sold as an accessory providing superior tracking and wireless play, and for that reason we might see lighthouses sold as a tracking/wireless accessory purchase to the headset sold by the bigger companies in the future if this happens.

Putting in 60ghz trancievers inside lighthouses and having them in a smart arrangement of 4 in a fashion where both the + axis and x axis of tracking have line of sight would result in high resolution wireless without having to transfer the signal to a lower quality 2.4ghz bandwidth whenever line of sight is lost.
The basestation setup to achieve minimal line of sight occlusion and 5ghz wireless might look something like this (pardon my terrible artistry).


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