Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation

Just starting a discussion, what do all of you think this big news will be?

will we be let down?

what could it be?

we finally getting our swords?

deluxe head straps?


or will we be let down and its just an announcement that they will be making announcement next year.

or that they have finalized designs for face pads and just need 10 more iterations before a select group of unknown people will be beta testers.:roll_eyes:


Pitool will finally come out of BETA?


They named it themselves as “Pimax day” im guessing if they are willing to make so much hype behind it will be for good cause, honestly i am counting down the days for the update. hopefully everything is now ready


I just got burned by Guild Wars 2 overhyping an announcement, so I’m expecting absolutely nothing but vague, dateless timelines and 2020 release windows.


I expect it to be a lite down, maybe pushing the accessories out to Christmas or even next spring.

Pimax USA did already try engineering samples of 8kX.

So I think they will announce the 8kX for release at latest Christmas 2019 (to order, so Backer earlier).

With the 8kX they will send the lighthouses and sense controllers.

Maybe even the eye-tracking will be ready. Because the 8kX needs the 20-30% performance gain.

Then Pimax can aggressively marketing the “best enthusiast 4k*4k hmd”

Honestly, after only using the index for VR I see the importance in good software support as being the key for success. Unfortunately Pimax still has to learn a lot in that regard… don’t get me wrong - the options available in pitool are much more detailed than in other hmd-Software. But the rendering stability and compatibility needs to be improved massively.


Yeah - no. There will not be need for 20 to 30% performance gain over what is already required for the 8K. What you will get is just a clearer image with the removal for the need to downscale to 1440p and then upscale back again on the headset.

Aside from not having full RGB subpixel arrangement panels for the 8K the other limitation was the single cable signal bandwidth. The panel was so they could push above 60Hz on the 4K displays at the time. The 1440p down and upscale was because they didn’t have the bridge chip capable of handling what was required for it.

Both require pushing SS high in render settings to get a decent image on the 8K. The 8K-X will require no more but will hopefully deal with the tech limitations that the 8K had (true 4K RGB panels running at above 60Hz and single cable delivering native resolution from GPU to panels in headset).

I know people are obsessed with FPS but try pushing PiTool Render with SteamVR at 100% and see how much nicer the image is when you go 1.25 and above. Throw in FFR and the requirements to render at those targets are much less and FFR looks good aka as though it isn’t there.


Michael posted the 8K-X announcement will be more of a progress report so I’m not getting my hopes up for a release date just yet


we’ve been burned before, some thing is usually lost in translation.


so less of an announcement, and more of a denouncement.

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i will be massively disappointed if the big news doesn’t affect me. Like announcing more headsets instead of finishing the current ones.


Sorry, must have missed this, how do you even know that there’s news the 16th?

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LOL lots of hype just to announce that they’re making progress and that some day the 8k-X will be released? Yeah that sounds like Pimax :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the 99% assurance that they’ll ship them out this Christmas :slight_smile:


PimaxUSA mentioned it in a random thread.

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"Designs have been finalized for Sword Sense and begin stress testing next month. Hope to send out bundles with controllers and lighthouses in 2020”

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8K-X announcement would be awesome. I have two HMDs for trade in if the FOV and resolution are up to snuff :smile:


I have no idea if it’s true, but I saw a rumor on another forum that 2 HMD designs will be announced. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess it depends on the models.

What I really want is true 4K res per eye, full RGB subpixel stripes, inside a new sturdy housing, with a deluxe head-strap and earphones. Of course, it has to have a large FOV and it must be in the “consumer” price range.


I want a wide FOV that is reasonable 140 degrees perhaps? with no distortion, that has the highest possible panel utilization.

I have been spoiled by the Pimax 4k"s resolution, aspherical lenses, and PPD bump as compared with CV1.

Having no god rays and having greater detail/distance is immensely awesome.

The 60hz refresh rate is working great for me. I guess I am of the lucky few vis sim sickness.


I hope those HMDs aren’t a RiftS and a valve index :smile:

and I also hope you will have at least one HMD left as a fall back for when the pimax lets you down from time to time.

Yeah I hope this is NOT the announcement, I would rather this company prove they can deliver what they have already promised instead of looking beyond us before ee even get what was initially promised,

Id be a fool at this point to be hyped over any new product offering from this company until they prove they can deliver one product in its entirety.

Next thing you know they will be selling us Land Shares in alaska.