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Hello I am working on a VR game, in UE4, and noticed Pimax has an Unreal SDK at https://www.pimax.com/pages/developer but it’s been last updated in 2018, does not work with the latest version of unreal, and the manual is a dead link. Is there an update to this or is it just abandoned?

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Yeah!! I’m Unreal developer too and this would be awesome!! Pimax is the perfect HMD for realistics VR experiences with Unreal.


I gifted a developer friend a 5k+ in the hopes of there being Pimax support in their game and would also like to know this as an updated SDK will go a long way in seeing proper support from them. They have a demo out now and its almost unplayable on the 5k+ because of performance and PP needing to be on.


Hi bgidiere,

Alex will release a thread corresponding on this SDK in few days.
We been talking with him about this.



The old SDK’s should work with current versions of Unity and Unreal, although they are not optimized. For instance, FFR is not implemented/supported. At least thats the case with the old Unity SDK which specifically one of our partners I recently visited is using.

But the team is working on new updated versions. This is quite a high-priority task for the software-development team.


Hey just a heads up the Unity SDK works to some degree I haven’t tested much but the Unreal SDK, with unreal 4.24, it doesn’t even let you get into the editor with the plug-in enabled.

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Thank you! This is great news.

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Any knowledge if Raytracing and DSLR will be possible in VR? That would be awesome… And having that in PiMaxes Start Environment a real teaser

Ray Tracing is possible in VR in ue4. With RTX shadows you can actually save performance vs dynamic shadows on an RTX card. DLSS is theoretically possible but i haven’t tested it.


Thats awsome! Damn I really have to find the time and a tutorial to get into that again!
Would love to see that in VR as also in general.

I tried at the very beginning of my pimax and odyseey saga to do a demo (more for study purpose then anything else, wanted to do something like that with my students ) but did not manage to get far (SteamVR in Unity and a demo “area” - and at the time Unity did not have and UE was just getting on wit RTX features.


I think DLSS for VR is going to need a couple versions before its actually good for VR. DLSS 2.0 actually has me interested in buying an RTX GPU, but every deep dive I have seen shows artifacts when zoomed in. which is kind of a negative for VR where everything in a scene undergoes scrutiny.

I think it will be amazing when dlss gets temporal reconstruction from adjacent frames combined with its current algorithm.

DLSS VR will be great. One of the good things about neural networks is that improving them, as long as you don’t add more input data, doesn’t have that big of a performance impact.

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Any news on this? It’s been a month.

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Yes! Unreal’s devs need more love.

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Apparently DLSS 3.0 is coming with the new cards. Could be a game changer for VR.

RTX ray tracing performance cost is supposed to be negligible for the next gen as well. Would be awesome to see in VR apps if it can be made to scale in some scenarios to dual screen 4k at high refresh rates.

And surely Pimax Unreal and Unity support is really low hanging fruit from Pimax’s perspective.

Yes, the new leaks are very intriguing. I’m more excited for this gen of cards than I ever have been… mostly because consoles are making such a massive leap, devs have no excuse not to implement many of these amazing features. Hopefully my 2070 super keeps up haha, but knowing me my pockets will find a way for a new card.

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What game? :thinking:


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