Pimax Satisfaction Survey

Just wondering how many backers still trust Pimax Updates/statment and how many doesn’t.

  • -Satisfied
  • -Not satisfied

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'Cmon… this will lead you nowhere :slight_smile:

It will tell me if i am wrong with what i think :slight_smile:

Great…but it will still count almost nothing in the whole matter xD , the point is, you financed it ? It was your choice, if they will produce it later than sooner is another thing…if you ever worked in IT companies you would have known that 2-3 years development time and testing is almost common in anything…

Don’t trust Pimax ? Buy another product from a company that satisfy you, even if partially…


At the end of the day you can argue all you want it won’t change anything.
Don’t assume things you don’t know about what i do for a living pls lets keep things on topic.
We just talk about one thing here and its the way Pimax updates us and about false promises.
People have the right to have different opinions and i totally respect yours .

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i also made sure not to influence anyone’s decision in the title and as a reminder, i am happy to wait for Pimax to get the headset ready, i do not want an unfinished product and i understand that it takes time to develop such a hardware :slight_smile:

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What you will get will be nothing but to push them to communicate less and less any progress or news to the common folk or backer.

And this just because of impatient and recalcitrant kids that ask the new toy after just some months of announcing the product concept…

Get a life dude…


lol mate i already have one and i will quote cause looks like you need to read again kiddo :slight_smile: [quote=“Jean-Mehdi, post:6, topic:6048”]
i am happy to wait for Pimax to get the headset ready, i do not want an unfinished product and i understand that it takes time to develop such a hardware :slight_smile:

i ll stay polite but i am sure you can read my mind :wink:

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All i do is asking a question about Peoples Satisfaction, thing many if not all the compagnies in the world does .
All you do is making people think twice before expressing there opinion in case someone like you comes and jumps on them.
Just let people express their opinion, i can be right as i can be wrong, but i do have the right to say what i think


In the moment im not satisfied, not because of the delays but because the lack of communication.

Its good if the delays means to have better display with 90hz and almost perfect optics, at least so good like the oculos go, but if the delays are because of the lens cost, means that we will have a worst headset. i will be very disappointed.

I just hope its not the case, but unfortunately all the answers they gave us are so vague and the same, i just dont no what to think.


Nothing wrong with the topic or poll. If anything will let pimax see community standings on their progress in communication.


Add the 3rd option about “not giving a shit about updates”. I vote for that

  • Satisfied
  • Not satisfied
  • Not giving a crap about it

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Okay, I can agree on the “communication” part… :wink:

I’m sure they will come out with some progress news as soon as they make some.

so far out of 101 votes, 61%-39%

once can assume more then 50% have healthy expectations and a realistic insight in how production is complex when working with tech/electronics etc

maybe the world is not lost to FB instant update generation at all.


We will see what the next update will bring us as information, after all we will have passed more than half of May. I hope at least the new lenses have arrived.


Ah! Great soul he was…and he was shooted because of the same reason as his song’s title.
Just the same happens in this forum if you try to do it :smirk:

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This is a much better way of going about discussing it than that minefield yesterday.

Personally, I am not a backer, but am a long term user. I want Pimax to succeed because they are small and everyone likes the underdog, but they definitely deserve (constructive) criticism for some things, the dodgy marketing, more than a few unfulfilled promises, failings in communication, etc.

Just as aggressive trolling gets you nowhere, neither does pretending there are no problems.


Good,reflective post jonnypanic. Having hit some bumps in the road, getting delays, there is one and only one path to redemption for Pimax.
Deliver a well designed and developed product and all will be forgiven, the banter forgotten.


Agree with you jonnypanic, and I think you know personally that I am always open to be helpful to people in need…but I’m sorry to say that, this time, you only saw what most wanted to see and jumped to the “herd” conclusions.

Of course no one had even tried to notice that it was someone else being very rude and attacking in a personal way, IN THE FIRST PLACE, just because of some own unresolved personal fears and narrowed-way to see things…I will not name names, at this point it no longer matters, but if someone replies at me like trying to try the Freudian-transfert card of his own immaturity and personal fears, with the precise objective to make me appear the fool, then he can expect to pick that fight and get that thing done through the end…that is called personal responsibility, and knowing the consequences of one’s own actions and thinking… I’m not a kid anymore, neither need to wave my age…but being a child in the heart is way different to being a child crying for something that doesn’t come as soon he want, and I’M NOT into this category.

Someone that rightfully stayed out of the thread until the end, said something to calm the waters, they have my admiration, funny thing is when I used to say the same exact thing, the same triggered individuals kept repliying with the same useless nonsense or completely out of the matter talk, just amplyfing discontent and triggering other users easy emotional buttons, and guess what ? All agree…

Happens all the time everywhere, forums, FB, blogs…funny very few realizes how they are being manipulated into staying useless and using their mind for everything…except for seeing things in a way that could lead them to have a bigger picture…while their life runs away.

But it’s okay, this how things in this world go, at least until things change, and willy-nilly, some are going to face their own rude awakenings.

Good continuation towards a better VR at all.