Pimax Roadshow LA-VR Launch Event

It’s almost time! Join us at the special roadshow event organized by Pimax and Newegg on December 15th in Los Angeles, to learn more about the collaboration between our two companies. You can also try out the Crystal & Portal devices, and there’ll be plenty of fun activities including gift cards giveaway, souvenirs, food & drinks. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity for the best VR experience - RSVP now!



If you’re in LA on Thursday, register for free & mark your calendar!!
Can’t wait to see you at Two Bit Circus!


Newegg’s CEO Anthony Chow is also trying out our new Crystal VR headset! This Thursday you can try out the Crystal as well in LA (and much more):


Join the Pimax & Newegg LA VR Launch Event to get the following benefits:
1.Experience the top-tier VR headset Crystal and the most versatile all-in-one Portal, including Crystal&Portal spec & feature introdution.
2. Each guest will get customized gifts$prizes, including a Newegg customized Tshirt and Newegg Gift card!
3. Two Bit Circus is a whole new world of interactive entertainment. There are a variety of best VR immersive facilities on site to provide the top VR experience. Each guest will receive a $20 free card to play the game.
4. The event starts at noon with free lunch, snacks and drinks.


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