Pimax Return policy?

Anyone happen to know or got a link to it somewhere? Seems I bought both an 8k awhile back and then a 5k+ and so far asking to cancel one hasn’t gotten me any response or is this something I should just dispute with paypal that I used to order them? Really don’t want to do that cause it’s my own fault forgetting like this but doubt I got a use for two of them lol.


@anon74848233 can probably help You out.

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Are you a pre order or kickstarter backer?

Have upgraded your account level.

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If he’s a backer I would suggest getting both devices (as they’re discounted) and selling one of them… :wink:


You contact us via preorder@pimaxvr.com?

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Yes I sent in four or five emails and I am a pre order person so no rush or anything just don’t see a cancel as a choice next to the order.

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Can you give me your backer number via private message for me to follow this issue?

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I’m not a backer, I pre ordered an 8k and a 5k units. I wanted to cancel the 8k one and I don’t see any choice on the website when I look at the order.


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I just received a reply from Pimax support on my question if I am allowed to return a purchased Pimax 5K XR in case I do not like it. All within a pre-defined timeframe after purchase.

They said that I can only return it if there is a technical issue with the headset.

My issue is that I have no outlet or local VR fair where I live to test the headset. I therefore purchase the “cat in the bag”. I am not comfortable that I purchase an expensive HMD like that and that Pimax does not stand behind their product by offering me a return in case I am not satisfied with the prodcut.

My choices are the 5K+ and the 5k XR. I do not know if the SDE will be an issue for me on the 5k XR and want to purchase one and have the option to return it and exchange it for a 5k+ in case I cannot stand the SDE.

But it seems that Pimax does not allow that. This is concerning for me. I would be fine if there were local outlets to test the HMD before purchase, but Pimax does not offer that.

I do not want to get into a discussion around what HMD to purchase, just that I would like to get Pimax official reply on a potential “no questions asked” return policy. This should be in place for a device that you cannot test before purchase. And I am not just going by Youtube reviews.

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I have invited a couple of pimax members.

Amazon might be a good way though it says 15% restocking might be charged?

Also for a faster response sending Steve Zou an email or calling NA support might yeild a quicker response.

NA Support Center: 407-567-7788 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM (EST)
PIMAX WORRY-FREE 12-MONTH WARRANTY AND 24/7 FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Any issues please don’t hesitate contact us via email: steve.zou@pimaxvr.com

Awesome tip! I will try Steve right away.

I also wonder why the price on Amazon is higher than on the Pimax website, but this is another topic.

Thank you so much!

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Your welcome. I would imagine price differences maybe due to Amazon fees to use their platform for distribution.

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Ah, that’s how Jeff Bezos makes his money. Sigh!

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Here is my sad experience:

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I haven’t heard of this before now. The Amazon page mentions something on a possible restocking fee. But as I beleive your ordee hadn’t been shipped yet seems odd. Unless the exchange rates on currency had changed drasticly? Did you order off of Amazon or main site? Commission seems odd on a cancellation.

@anon74848233 @SweViver

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I have ordered off the main site.
Exchange rate loss is expectable at last. The case is that they charged me for extra $37.12 just for the refund.

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I am slowly thinking that it might be a bad idea to purchase the headset. I was so excited about this large FOV device and am now getting my doubts. I really do not want to buy the “cat in the bag” without an option of a full refund.

And putting a refund charge on an item that was not shipped yet without stating it in the terms and conditions is just fraudulent.

Is this the way how Pimax wants to do business? No wonder that many websites do not even consider them if you look for “current best VR headsets”.

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As it was discovered at the original thread, commission for the refund was taken by a some 3-rd party payment system, not Pimax itself. So, it will not be applied to all users that request a refund, just to those that will have a misfortune to be charged by it. It called “Stripe”, by the way…

The Pimax guilt here is that it did not inform of such charges before they take place.

Is “Stripe” on their payment option or is it a inbetween redirect service?

Either way it seems off as you said you requestted a cancellation after was it 10m of placing order. This the first time I have heard of this kind of charge.

I would still reccommend discussing in PM with @anon74848233 on this.

OK, I got another official reply on my question:

From: “sally.huang” <sally.huang@pimaxvr.com>
Date: 2019-06-19
To:xxxx.xxxx@xxxxx.com” <xxxx.xxxx@xxxxx.com>
Subject: Re: Re: Your question has been answered (#16069)

You can get a refund before delivery,
I also suggest you look at some reviews before you buy,
About aftersale,we have effecient tech support team to resolve aftersale service requests.
Thanks for your understanding.

已发送 作者 Pimax Technology 使用中 Odoo.

I am sorry, but “look at some reviews before you buy” is not enough with an expense of that size and the subjectivity of how something (screen door effect, dark levels, smearing, FOV distortion, etc.) is valued by a person. Just because Youtuber or reviewer A loves it and reviewer B hates it does not make me feel better when I learn that purchasing HMD A or HMD B is a “one shot and that’s it” purchase.

You either make those HMDs available for testing in the market or you offer a satisfaction return policy if you do not want to distribute a ton of HMDs all over the globe and rather stay an online shop and entity.

I am sorry but that sealed my purchasing decision and I will not purchase any Pimax device unless Pimax puts in place a proper test and return policy. And I recommend to anyone out there to think twice before placing an order. That sounds like a really shady business and I do not know why Pimax, doing such a great thing for the VR community, would not put in place a policy like that if they have no local distribution and demonstration network.

I am disappointed. One customer less. I hope that they will understand the issue and change their mind one day. I understand that dealing with returns is a costly issue, but they will have to establish local distribution centers to ship their product all over the globe anyway and they could offer that people return them to those centers, if they want to.

And I still believe that the quality of the product is probably that superior to other offerings out there (being the only large FOV device at this price point) that they will not see that many returns.

Sorry Pimax, I am out.