Pimax retail price

Hello, everybody. I’m curious about the prices of the retail versions. I can’t imagine how Pimax will want to charge more for the 8k than for the 5k+, when none of the testers recommends it. I think it is clear that there is a problem with the 8k if none of the testers recommends it, and I think it should be a priority to fix it before sending the 8k, which is why 95% of the backers got into this. I don’t want to underestimate the 5k+, which looks like a great product, but I can’t believe that the star product of the campaign is not the best PIMAX product. That’s a big mistake.


The only real ‘problem’ the 8K has is GPU demand. So it is still the best headset, just that nobody has the majestic beast necessary to run it at full potential yet. And to run it at normal values makes it not as snappy as the 5K+. So it’s all about GPU limits. Something which has been able to be calculated on paper from the get go.

Future foveated rendering would help A LOT in this case. And that is still my concern.


Well, sweviver doesn’t think so. He said on the air that he has set the 8k to resolutions of 7000x4000 and that it still doesn’t look as sharp as the 5k+. According to his words, he thinks there is something with the upscaler.


I don’t think it’s possible to have the clarity of a natively driven screen via upscaling so the 8K is just a different experience, an experience most people will never be able to compare to the other because they will only own one headset.

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At that point, might as well send full 4K signal to 8K-X.

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That problem does not have the 4k and also uses upscaler , it may be that only uses one scaler for the two displays instead of using two, one per display.


Yea, I also wonder what the difference is with the 4K and 8K upscaler

I know little about the Pimax 4k but I would guess that the Pimax 4k is getting upscale picture of 1080p to 4k and that is a good ratio to upscale while the 8k is doing the 1440p to 4k and is not a straight forward upscale to do.

The 8k is more enthusiast headset. If you plan on latest cards or perhaps mgpu the 8k may have the muscle needed to take advantage.

All testers said if your going 8k consider ordering 2080ti.

Truth we need to compare the 4k at 1440p upscaled to a similar native 1440p lcd headset to see how the 4k scaler when compared to an rgb lcd 1440p native headset.

Lenovo Wmr headset might work for this purpose.

The 4k by default upscales 1440p input. 1080p is available for low spec sytems or checkbox.

I am not sure if high gpu will can make the 8k to be clarity like the 5k+ (someone said that).

If we upgrade the gpu to make the 8k to have more clarity, then if we use 5k+ with the new gpu, it still looking better?

In marketing if people ask about the product advantage and we compare them.

5k+ = More SDE , but more clarity.
8k = Less SDE , but less clarity.

So people have to choose between Pro and Con of each headset.
May 8k is not the best product absolutely because may someone tell that 5k+ is better.

If 8k is not the flagship of company right now, so I am not sure that the 8k should expensive than the 5k+.

Although people have more choice to get the 5k+, but some 8k backer may not be happy about this. Some people seriously about SDE, but that don’t mean they don’t want the clarity. They expect the same level of clarity while they have to pay more money for the product. It is not only the price of headset, but they have to make a payment for high spec computer too.

This is in bad situation when no any tester can tell that the 8k is better, they can’t tell you like that, but make us to decide by ourself because each headset have different Pro and Con and we can’t make the decision by the higher price of product.

Infact 5k+ should be another option for the lower price, but it look like 5k+ is for killing 8k right now.

I still hope to hear some announcement about this situation. People still talking about clarity of 8k everywhere.


The 8k’s increased pixel count/density will help with clarity for far off details. Higher SS on the 8k could yield better than then the 5k due to sde & lack of sufficient pixels for your brain to interpolate what it might be.

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Yesterday, someone ask that what is better for adult.

Sweviver answer that 5k+ because of it’s clarity.
Ohhh, that make more difficult decision while we don’t need sde on that content.

But couldnt the testers prove this by taking comparison shots of a low demand app? Run big screen at 300% SS?

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Compare my 4k through the Lens screenshot vs the one Sweviver posted. Imho the 8k looks better.

Granted even on the 4k hellblade is quite demanding. Med settings seems to be what’s needed on it fir smoorh gameplay.

Maybe @SweViver can take a pic of her on the log as I posted for basic compare.

Really need umzoomed shots to see what is more perceived.

Even for backers it’s already too expensive considering that they are not using OLED panels (big mistake imo).

I like OLED. A Lot. But are there 4-5" panels that don’t use PenTile subpixels? They work great on smartphones, but really aren’t designed to be strapped up with a magnifying lens and beamed directly into your eyes. Until mico-LED panels start showing up, or until RGB arranged OLED panels (I think only LG makes these panel types, and only for TVs) we’re better off with LCD.

I have a FALD 4K TV (Vizio P Series) and an LG C8 OLED panel. The C8 is hands down the better panel, but I really don’t notice the differences when I’m in the middle of a show or movie.


Indeed this is a problem with folks not considering sde. The 5k+ if oled wouldn’t be better than vive pro with a pentule matrix. The 8k with pentile matrix would have more sde then the rgb clpl.

As for cost? Price is right considering StarVR’s projected price using oled panels. Which would move these away from consumer reach.

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oled wouldn’t be better than vive pro with a pentule matrix

Even with a higher PPI?