PIMAX renderer - foveated rendering for 8K without eye-tracking

If PIMAX is using their own renderer, why can’t they do foveated rendering without eye-tracking like in Batman: Arkham VR, high resolution in the center, lower resolution towards the edges ? For 8K that would be a huge boost in performance and clarity.

@anon23564932 Can you please check with the team if this is technically possible ?



Will this be a possible future feature in PiTool?

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I think that’s up to the application, at the moment. Might be different when the 2080rtx comes out, as it has support for that in hardware.

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By the way, this could be a game changer regarding performance issues with the 8k, once the more affordable RTX cards come out. Maybe there’s no need for 2080ti, if the cheaper cards also support that feature (which I expect they will).

Variable rate shading in RTX cards is independent on the application, so if you lower the resolution around the edges you can boost the resolution in the center. It may be possible to achieve stable 80 fps with 2080ti and crystal clear image in the stereoscopic overlap area.


The RTX also has 4 quadrant distortion correction vs. the 2 part distortion correction on the 10xx series. That could also potentially be used to improve the quality.

I believe the oculus Go uses fixed foveated rendering. You don’t notice it at all, but gives the gpu some power boost.

The way I have come to understand the Pimax tech team: they will for sure try to implement this. A bit skewed at first but they’ll get it right in the end

May be a bit harsh but it felt like the oculus go was introducing fixed foveated rendering to cover up heavy distortions on the edges. I mean, ok, its a neat idea to render lower the part that is not desirable to look at anyways. For me it was always present and i hated it, might be ok if the FOV would have been bigger.

The game engine does the rendering - not the HMD drivers.

Yes, so I have heard. But check e.g. out the netflix app (with any logic it should be turned off then) and look at the edges. In my opinion not much a difference.