Pimax program - settings are hidden under HMD icon

I just install Pimax program (Pitool replacement), and spent 20min on searching how to change settings there.
Restarting, uninstalling, reinstalling, again searching.

Guess what, they are not under link “settings” on left side, but you must click HMD icon on bottom…

That is hidden too much, must be link on left side. It makes me angry, and sure all newcomers will be angry too with such “solutions”.

PS: A “free” game is also not free for me… I do not need it, but you need feedback.

And my settings in Pimax program are not actually applied in games. It is written, but in game fov is bigger, smart smoothing is on (in settings is off), and some other problems.

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You have to click on the hmd icon and then on the tool gear to access to actual settings.
I’m finding that some of the settings really don’t ‘take’ in the games. Eg, in fs2020. ,while my 8kx displays a green light, my VR images are curved as tho’ parallel projection was on.
Anybody else finding g that it can take a long time for the client to find the HMD?
Up to several minutes, and sometimes not at all requiring the headset’s connector cable to be pulled out and reinserted?
I have had to do a cold boot just to get everything working several times.
This would drive a new user right out of the Pimax camp!

Yesterday I was restarting pc several times, often after restart I had to start Pimx desktop shortcut 2 times, as on first doubleclick on icon nothing happened.
I was thinking that must be my mistake (slow doubleclick, or something), but mostly after next restart it was same.
I start other programs just once, no problems.

Then again some of my setting from pimax were not applied in games. Now if I change something, i click it 2 times, and click apply 2 times on end, then it is applied.
That is crazy.

On other hand, I like quality of picture in games. Might be placebo (and I am vr addicted crazy gamer) but jesterday I was playing IL-2 and DCS, and I had to double check my resolution, as everything was prettier then usual :slight_smile:

Ps: pimax takes much longer to find hmd than pitools

this happens to me too so i’m back to using PiTool now (latest version). I liked the look of Pimax Client though, will try it again some time, when it’s been updated etc.

@PimaxQuorra please send our issues to your team.
I have to start program 2 times, 1st time it does not start.
Then I wait with white window, probbably that store loads…
Then my HMD is shown disconnected, and I make “pimax dance” (turning hmd left-right) up to 30sec until lock. With pitool it was up to 10sec.
The hmd settings are hidden, it is not clear that we need to click hmd icon to get actual settings. Please add hmd settings on left side.
The chosen settings are often not applied in games. I have to click every setting twice, + 2 times “apply” on end.

As I do not use pimax store, all that “features” of pimax client are actually a few steps back from pitool

ps: todays update is not any better

One more bad feature; this is already third or fourth time that I need to enter my username (email) and password, as that pimax store keeps forgetting it after a few days. Also if I mistype password, my user will disappear too…

I’ve been finding that I need to power down the headset after starting the client and waiting several minutes for it to ‘find’ the HMD. I also try re-starting the CLient.
The only ‘sure’ start I’ve found is to shut down the computer and then do a cold boot before starting the Pimax client and anything else.
There are, however, times when if I just wait long enough (5 minutes or more) thePimax client does eventually recognize the headset’s existence.
This has to be some kind of software/firmware glitch doesn’t?