Pimax pre order delivery- how accurate?

US pre order here, in the email it says my headset will ship march 10-16?will they really ship mine that week?

Pimax Us guy sad within 3weeks for 5k+ so lets hope the did not lie :slight_smile:

within 3 weeks after purchase? if so then the estimation is accurate since I ordered feb 22.

Difficult to say at this point. But to confirm your in the US?

yeah, burbank CA specifically

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its virtual address since I dont want to deal with taxes here in my native address PH

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Its like asking your new girlfriend how many guys she has slept with and she says 2, so you take that number and multiply it by 3 to get the real number, so if Pimax says 1 month it probably more like 3 or 4 months…

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That moment when you see people copy/pasting their own posts into multiple topics :wink:


It felt so right ! :sweat_smile:


they cant deliver in 3 weeks, i would rage if they do.
i’ve pre-ordered (5k+) on 21nov, i’ve contacted them on jan 20 and they said that if i preorder now they deliver within 1 month.
the real story is that i’ve preordered more than 3 months ago and there are no signs of delivery yet.

what i do not understand is that a friend of mine ordered on 25nov and he has received it already, the only difference is that i’ve got it bundled with an rtx2080 (1500+ bucks) while his one was unbundled, maybe they had no rtx available so they skipped me? who knows…

not to mention the backers that are still waiting (why i should receive a 5k+ earlier than a backer ?, even if i’ve payed it more than double)

Is it so hard to follow a queue ?

EU here

tigermaster all 5k+ backers that have given address info should have it now, its some 8k backers that dont have it.

Damn your lucky I ordered mine on the 21st and have not gotten anything. I also live in the US in NC.

I am pre order 108X october 27 and nothing

nice to know thanks, that’s what i was thinking but i was not sure, so the question is the bundled purchases with gfx are experiencing a delay because of the gfx ? @daminoudu32 do you get a bundle with rtx or just the hmd ?

Just pimax and hand motion :slight_smile: :frowning:

Order P123454 would like to know aprox delivery time , thanks???