Pimax portal july 13th update-discussion

Everything looks cool but I have a question about cleaning and maintenance.

does the front hinge out to allow access to the inside of lens

i ask because the top is open , and does not appear to have a cap, and even if it did dust will inevitably get inside and the occasional pet/ human hair and if the front does not hinge open it looks like it is going to be a nightmare to clean without a special tool.

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Colonel Weng: Snake. Are you there, Snake?"
Snake: “Yes, colonel. I was just so intrigued by this customised HMD.”
Colonel Weng: “…ok… That’s nice, Snake… Anyway…”
Snake: “…It’s got a filed down chassis for better weight distribution, and a new battery system.”
Colonel Weng: “Fascinating, I am sure… As I was saying…”
Snake: “…It has a new strap that takes inspiration from larger devices, while the front is basically unchanged.”
Colonel Weng: “Snaaaaaaaake!”

if i eat this glowing mushroom it will recharge the battery.

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The force feedback suit accessory is going to be epic!

Pimax basically removed all the fabrics of the original Portal View and replaced it with the Crystal headstrap and plastic front end. Cost cutting???

A more expensive to produce strap != cost cutting. Also that is a 3d model so hard to tell if it will be fabric or not.

Shall we bet it’s all plastic? If it’s not you eat your Crystal strap! Lol

The Crystal was the most uncomfortable headset I have worn. So this change has me worried.

@PimaxQuorra can likely get details. I believe the front flap drops down hinged as you suggest but not sure.

the vids i have seen just show the unit slotting down, which is why i was worried. it would be reassuring to know it does flip open.

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Indeed need better details. If there still doing swappable lenses cleaning should be easy enough but yeah dust could still get in the area between lenses and screen and might want to clean.

The 2 holes are likely for the side tracking cams?

Nope. We didn’t remove all the fabric from the View.

Our structural designer has assessed the design to ensure that the gap is easily cleanable.

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