Pimax please take a second look at IPD adjustments

There are people, like myself that still have eye strain issues. The problem here seems to be that the screen separation and IPD values don’t add up. Either the 3D depth is off or eyes are being strained. Seems to me like there isn’t proper hardware IPD calibration and that is what is causing it. In order to have correct vision in VR the hardware IPD and software IPD has to match up. For instance, when I set my correct IPD, then the 3D depth seems to be correct, except my eyes are being pulled apart unnaturally. If I set my IPD lower then the 3D depth is incorrect but my eyes aren’t being strained. This seems like it could be solved with a software patch as the screens themselves don’t physically move (only the lenses from my understanding). Or at least give us the option to adjust screen separation ourselves, apart from IPD adjustment.


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