Pimax, please stop closing SUPEN tickets when they're not resolved

As many others did with the great spreadsheet debacle, I opened a SUPEN ticket (1006) when my status erroneously claimed that I had not completed the survey.

Days later, the spreadsheet was amended to “Preparation” for my backer #. Again, as many others subsequently requested, I wanted to know which headset (5K+ or 8K) Pimax had on record for delivery. Given, that my ticket had (as yet), no response, I added a request for the information and ‘escalated’ the ticket.

And yet again, as many others, I found this morning my ticket closed as ‘Resolved’ by @anon84525399 without the desired response of the headset I should expect to receive, giving me no avenue to correct any mistake.

Given that this request for ‘headset on record’ has been made ‘Ad Infinitum’ and numerous reports have been made of receiving the wrong headset, and (most importantly) of prematurely closed tickets, Pimax should immediately institute a policy change of not closing ANY SUPEN ticket until the originator confirms to them that the issue has, in fact, been resolved to their satisfaction.

A SUPEN ticket is not resolved until the originator until states so. I understand that some people can jiust not be pleased, regardless of what you do… Given those circumstances where a conflict/issue can not be resolved at a lower level, the issue should be escalated to persons of higher authority and only close as a last resort.

For example, given that I ‘escalated’ my ticket, due to non response (over one week), it should not have been closed by @anon84525399. There must be checks and balances in your support system for it to have any credibility.

@PimaxVR , @Pimax-Support , etc please give this sincere request to not close SUPEN tickets until the originator has stated his/her satisfaction your thoughtful consideration.

P.S. - I still want to know what headset I can expect to receive! :wink:



Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.

I’m another one of those who has opened at least 3 tickets asking specifics on my order just to have @anon84525399 close the ticket with “resolved” without any information regarding my request being answered.

I agree with @Hoodathunk, tickets should not be closed until the person who submitted the ticket is satisfied. Canned answers are not resolutions and are nothing more than very poor service.

@Matthew.Xu wrote me an email saying that this issue would be resolved and that he had now taken back control of Ticket Support… obviously this hasn’t happened. Just like when we were told that we would get updates every three days… just another quick band aid that is just as quickly pulled off. @Matthew.Xu, in the same email, told me that if I needed any further assistance to email him directly… I replied to his email with my issues and have heard nothing from him.

How are we to believe anything any more? I’m sure “We are arranging your headset shipment” is just another band aid with no substance.

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Hi @anon84525399
Are you going to update the list sometimes? Add the chosen headset, to be sure?
Cheers :beers:


@anon74848233 thank you for making my point so eloquently.

I ask you for, according to your record, which headset I’m going to receive and this is the ‘canned’ response I get.

My SUPEN ticket, which you closed without my confirmation, is STILL NOT RESOLVED.

Again, which headset will I be receiving?

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Matthew will update the spreadsheet soon.

So sorry for the bad answer
Your 5K Plus and information is confirmed,They are in preparation period now
There are hundreds of survey confirm question in service desk and PM, my reply usually just tell backer their order status after check.
Sorry for the inconvenient again

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In another discussion version, Matthew said that you will be updated within today. Do you both have to go to the small room to fight?

No,i work during 5am to 3 pm(mostly after 4pm);he works 5pm to 3am(more than 3am,but i don’t know the specific time).

We may misunderstand some points because we can not see each other.I will update after Synchronize

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