Pimax please list what accessories are included in packages and what are going to be store extras

Hi @PimaxQuorra, after many of the options shown at CES for the MAS such as different pad materials and thicknesses, could you please confirm what accessories we can expect to be included in packages, both Vision and non-Vision, and what we should expect to purchase separately as extras on the store?

For example:

  1. MAS 2 jack version - Vision package and on store?
  2. MAS 1 jack version - store only? (this definitely exists and Iโ€™m not imagining it correct? :slight_smile: )
  3. Adaptors and / or cables for the above MAS versions
  4. MAS Pad material types
  5. MAS Pad thickness options
  6. CK Pad material types
  7. CK Pad thickness options
  8. CK Pad with / without cut-outs for glasses - also with different material choices and thickness?

Thanks :+1:


Hello Octofox,

We do appreciate you wrote this topic for us.
We will soon update the store with all the accessories and product packages, so our customers wonโ€™t be confused ; even looking to get an upgrade on these items.

The example is in great form, some of it are under developing by our team, and we hope to achieve it in no long time.

Have a nice day.



No problem thanks @PimaxQuorra, look forward to an update :+1:


Totally agree. It is important to know what you will get with every pimax Headset model, for example; I took the Plan B (8KX & Opt Out all strech goals) and I do not know what it will come with 8KX package (Which headset strap / Half-Life: Alix game / Silicon Protective Sleeve??) Please update. @PimaxQuorra . :sunglasses:

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Hello Grzvs,

We will change the descriptions on those upgrades/headset model. So customers can know what they gonna get when placing the order.

Thank you so much!


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