Pimax Play v1.16 Update

PimaxPlay v1.16

Headset Firmware : 0905
Controller Firmware : 0.8.22
AIO Firmware : 0.9.0

Download Link : https://pitool.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/PimaxPC/PimaxPlaySetup_Release_V1.

Patch Notes:

1. Eye Tracking Enhancement:

  • Improved the functionality of eye tracking feature.
  • Optimized the automatic IPD adjustment algorithm.
  • During automatic IPD adjustment, factors such as distance between eyes and lenses, HMD placement angle, and head strap tension are considered, minimizing discrepancies.
  • Achieved reduced maximum deviation of ±1.5mm for IPD calibration.

2. New LightHouse Mode:

  • Introducing compatibility with the upcoming faceplate release.
  • PimaxPlay introduces the ability to seamlessly switch between LightHouse Faceplate and Inside-Out tracking modes.
  • Enhancing the flexibility of tracking solutions based on user preferences and setups.

3. Controller’s Tracking Refinement:

  • Optimized the accuracy and responsiveness of controllers.
  • Improved the precision of spatial tracking for controllers.

4. 120Hz Refresh Rate Optimization:

  • Further enhancements to the 120Hz refresh rate functionality.
  • Addressed performance and stability issues related to the high refresh rate option.

5. Integrated AIO Mode:

  • Introduced beta version for Standalone mode.

6. Charging Performance Enhancement:

  • Optimized the power supply logic.
  • Extended gameplay sessions when used with a USB-hub.

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