Pimax planed delivery for today

Hi guys, here backer 68##. Got my tracking number before we end seems to be delivered today, youhouuuu​:grin::grin:.
Very happy but i dont want to make any mistake.
I ve downloaded the pitool 103 version from this forum. Would like to use brainwarp function.
Have already done a reinstall of nvidia drivers because of transparency bug with pitool.
Now, could somebody help me to make a step by step procedure when i receive my hmd today?
I just want to avoid any problems that will occur by my fault lol.
Thanks for your help.
Btw, i dont have any basestation for now and have preorder them.
Never installed other vr device.
My pc is a 8086k (aniversary edition) with 2080ti.
Essentialy using race or flightsim :wink:

Thanks for your help or advice.
I ll do a short review when hmd is there (in some hours now lol😝)


i did the following:

  1. looked for visible damages
  2. updated GPU driver
  3. downloaded and installed pitool 95
  4. restarted PC
  5. after restart i started PItool
  6. after PItool i started/plugged in the hardware
    6.1 started the bastation
    6.2 plugged the usb and displayport from the hmd to the pc
    6.3 plugged in the power from the hmd
    6.4 started the controllers
    6.5 start (PItool autostarts at the first time?? not so sure) room setup and pair controllers

in the pitool settings should be something to deactivate the need for bastation (never tested it maybe someone else can give you for this better information)

Tips for testing:

  1. activate hidden mast
  2. activate parrallel projection
    test a simple game with all 3 FOV setting and look for faults or if everyting is fine
  3. look at dark picture and look if you see some sparkle

Thanks for your answer.
I ll do it like this.
For the game test i would use the blue.
Any other suggestion?
For the demo i mean that using it for the wow effect with family and friends. That make too much time for them hearing me talk about lolll

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