Pimax PiTool and Firmware repository?

I’ve been trying to find a properly-maintained repository of prior PiTool and Firmware versions. I’m having some Sync issues with my 5K+ that I would like to attempt to resolve, and I think they crept in with a couple of these latest updates; either PiTool, Firmware, or a combination of the two.

Unfortunately earlier version of PiTool will no longer recognize my Firmware-updated HMD, so I’m going to need to try downgrading the Firmware and PiTool along with it.

I really need to find a proper repository of Firmware and PiTool downloads, so I can try and resolve the issue. Everything I can find is so poorly organized that I can’t even figure out what firmware revisions work with which PiTool revisions, etc.

Anyone know where I should look?

Thank you!

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This one has fw up to version 294. https://keybase.pub/playa/Pimax/Firmware/5k%2C%208k%2C%20Artisan%20Series%20(P2)/


Thank you! That might be enough to give it a try. Is there a document somewhere which details which firmware versions are support by which versions of PiTool? Otherwise it could be hours and hours of testing since I expect many FW / PiTool combinations simply won’t work together.


Yes in the same list each FW has a text file (.txt) that gives a lot of info. Read the .txt before flashing to ensure compatibility.


Yep @Playa has done a great job having all pimax software releases from piplay to pitool.

Fantastic, that’s great to hear! Thank you!

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