PiMax Only Displays on Monitor -- Not Headset

I have tried to launch games, pictures, and videos within the PiPlay store. But whenever I launch something, it shows up on my screen (the PiMax headset screen is just dark). When I rotate the PiMax headset around, the screen detects it and shows the head tracking. However nothing shows up on the PiMax itself!

How to fix?

If your Piplay is in “Extend” mode you will need to use moniter shift key in windows… Think its something like Win+shift arrow left or right (might not be correct key combo)

Then Alt+enter to make full screen.

In PiMax Mode SteamVR games should show in pimax headset.

Okay in PiPlay store check to see which mode is needed.

Future War Demo runs in PiMax mode (endless runner style game)

Launching it should show up in your hmd.

Different Games & such may require a different “mode”

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Also please post your system specs.

If your like me running an Amd graphics card. The current lastest driver is not working with PiPlay. If you are using Amd/Ati roll back to previous version.

Hi, what’s the color of indicator light in Pimax?

Please add our skype: support@pimaxvr.com, I’m glad to provide assistance by teamviewer12.

Thanks @Heliosurge

Your welcome always glad to help where i can. :wink:

The light is green when an app is not launched. When an app is launched, it turns blue.

Pressing shift + win + <left/rift> does not work. When I check the display settings, it doesn’t even show that there is a second monitor (the pimax).

I’m running Windows 10 with an Nvidia EVGA GTX 1070.

Okay digging a bit deeper unless its been fixed the Nvidia 10 series doesn’t support “Direct Mode”

So items your launching need to be PiMax mode or extend.

Another thing your headset needs to be plugged into the first hdmi port. (User reported hmd doesn’t like hdmi 2 adapters)

Is your system a desktop or laptop?

I am running Amd cpu & gfxcard. If your running an intel cpu or mb with onboard graphics you need to disable it in your bios.

If this doesn’t help probably best to setup with support on skype & organise a time they can use Teamviewer to assist better.