[Pimax Official] the Current Order and Logistics Status

For many of you guys are concerned about the order and logistics status.

Current production level and logistics status:

  • Production level: Around 200 units/day .

  • Shipping from factory to Shanghai Office: 3 Days (including packaging).

  • Shanghai to Overseas Warehouse:

    ->HONGKONG around 3 Days .

    ->UK around 7 Days

    ->US around 7 Days

  • Overseas Warehouse to Final Destination: Around 7 Days .

Which means the whole progress may take 14-18 days.

Order follow up:

  • 5K Plus: Order made before March scheduled to send out by Late March.
  • 5K XR: Starting shipping this month and scheduled send out by late March or within April.
  • 8K: Currently Sold Out. The 8K is in production normally as you know, and some of the 8K customers have already received their headset. We will deliver the remaining orders ASAP.

Furthermore, we are also trying to shorten the time taken from the domestic warehouse (in China) to the overseas warehouse (in Hongkong, US and UK). Meanwhile, to increase the volume of items in the overseas warehouses is what we are trying to do as well, and in this way there will be less waiting time for delivery overseas. It is our duty to provide satisfying customer service to you all.

Premium shipping :
We plan to add premium shipping option on 27th Mar, and it will only take 5-7 days with extra fee charged to cover shipping cost and custom clearance.

19th March update
Order status tracking

Please fill in your email address and phone number when you register for purchasing Pimax products. And later either when you place an order or when the tracking number is available (now the tracking number is only available after the package is delivered from overseas warehouse), you will get a notice either by SMS or email.


What I would like to know if today, are already manufactured all Pimax 8k and if not so, how many are left to be manufactured?

Thank you


I will release an official announcement tomorrow, our kickstarter shipment is finished(confirmed orders)


thank you very much for your reply

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Thanks for the communication team, this is all it takes to ease my mind and know where things are at. cheers.

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VIP shipping :
We plan to add VIP shipping option on 27th Mar, and it will only take 5-7 days with extra fee charged to cover shipping cost and custom clearance.

As a backer in EU I paid 46 euro for shipping 2 years ago. How is that for VIP.


Ditto here $50 us for shipping and the best we get is slow boat.


Sounds great! Keep it up! Hope to receive a package from you soon.

As a preorderer (15th Jan 2019) I paid $100 for shipping and with this sum of money nothing has delivered, still my account status tells: Unfulfilled.

I wonder how many thousands must be payed in order to get the product shipped on typical schedule (2 weeks to 1 month) like other companies are delivering from China to Europe?


If your not happy then refund you still have what 60 days before you can’t refund via paypal.

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No PayPal used here. My Visa Credit Card was charged with very VIP lightning speed of sum $1,079 USD. Then nothing, complete void from Pimax or if I may - SloMax or even NoMax.

Few days ago there was a new opportunity to get some service via Pimax Facebook pages. From there at least I got vague reply to my email:

" Dear Customer,

We’re so sorry for the delayed reply,the financial department is reviewing the order and the product is on the way to the overseas warehouse,we’ll try our best to speed up the delivery. Pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.

Many thanks for your support!

Yours sincerely,
Kristy | PimaxVR"

What’s the need for review from financial department? You charged the money instantly upon pre-order from my Visa Credit Card account. Did you deleted your customer registry, order management system and/or cash management transactions, why you are so clueless now towards so many customers like I’ve read on this forum?
I am curious why this has been so difficult for you… Still hope you can get you act together and rise to be trustworthy company some day.

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Well that just means you can go directly to your bank and request a chargeback. And as to losing information they actually did a while back but that was before you even ordered as to why the financial department was involved it sounds like a generic email. Why has this been difficult for them just go back through the saga of the KS and even before that and see this is who they are.

Please be very careful when making big claims again. Be 100% sure of what you say.


I still very much want to have this top of the line HMD for me so I won’t make any charge back claims. I only wish to have some more precise information regarding the status of delivery. Thats all.

You can do like me, ask a refund by mail. They will tell you to wait, just confirm you want to refund and you should get money within 5-7 working days.

Well then get used to waiting simple as that we’ve been asking for more clarity and openness for over a year and all we got were hype pieces with dates that weren’t meet.


@anon74848233 You say the whole process take around 14-18 days. I am preorder back in november. You said first batch pre order will ship in late jan/early feb. it has been 2 months now!!! where is my headset? stop lying about process taking 14-18 days… i think maybe you mean 14-18 weeks?


What was your pre-order number (approximately)? If there were thousands of people in front of you in the queue, then it makes sense that it could take a long time for yours to get shipped.

Also, right after that first batch shipped was when they celebrated Chinese New Years. Basically, the whole country shuts down for 1-2 weeks, tons of people change jobs, and it is a giant mess trying to get everything running again.

That being said, Pimax suffers quite a bit from “Valve Time” syndrome.

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P1219** ordered in november last year

I feel like I have been patient so far but I’m also wondering why it’s taking so long to ship to Canada.
I’m pre-order P103* making me believe that i should be one of the very first to get one sent to.
@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA if you can shed some light it would be appreciated.
By the way i ordered a 5k+ headset only