[Pimax Official]Special gift for backers! Thanks for all of you guys

Dear Futurists,

After Chinese New Year Holiday, we are back to ordinary working status now.

We have two new categories for answering and solving issues in 2019(Have issue after received headset&Didn’t receive the headset but have some questions); we are planning to ship more volume of headsets in 2019 and improve by listening and adopting suggestions from you guys.

We would like to hear suggestions from you to keep improving. I will check this topic every day for finding suggestions from you guys. Please join it and give Pimax your precious advice.

Special Gift:
There are a large number of creators in our forum want to create a protective case for their headsets, @vorinami had contacted us several times for asking 3D files of 5K/8K, @MarcoBalletta also need the 8K official measurement of outer case

We create this Protective Case 3D Files for creators to download and edit.



Please work to tighten up support. Many people have complained because their tickets are ignored or closed without being resolved. Clearing the open tickets should be a priority.


Answering support tickets,being upfront and STOP making false promises,because of all the false promises im scared to death of sending my hmd back before replacement as need my headset for league matches and just dont know how long a replacement will take.so thats my biggest tip,be honest.

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Hi all, I send ton’s of email to the support team and to Dallas too, without receiving any reply.
I’ve answered 3 times to the survey email tell them the final address, but iin the spreadsheet my pledge number is not on that list.
Do you have any idea how to figure out this situation? Thank you


OBJ version of Protective Case


Keep the spreadsheet up to date as promised


Reach out to Kevin @PimaxUSA as he is the only Pimax support person who is participating on this forum at the moment . Even though I don’t think he supposed to start until March . He is just doing what he can to help backers .

The problem is not that they lie. The problem is they don’t know how to lie good. Shit all companies lie, it’s just large corporations have a lot of resources at their disposal. So my tip to pimax is not to don’t lie. Just get better at lying!

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Will have to check it at home but THX A LOT @anon74848233 and @PimaxVR!d I am sure it was worth waiting and look forward to useful contributions from the community


Thanks Dallas once again for giving the community the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions to improve the devices.

These backers suggestions are much needed alterations to give the 5k and 8k the best chance at being competitive with other headsets on the market, and to avoid negative reviews.

  1. Proximity sensor/ Disable standby mode option in Pitool to keep HMD on when watching movies.
    You ask me why do I keep nodding my head when watching movies in pimax headset?

  2. Valve Knuckles support or Pitool feature to disable accessing of controllers…
    Feature Request: Option for PiTool to not access the controllers (Knuckles Support)

  3. Better controller design without wrist tracking ring.
    Status update on the prototype controller design without the wrist tracking ring?

  4. 60hz mode in Pitool for 30fps movies primarily for the 8k (Not 64hz.)
    60 Hz refresh rate?

  5. Fix IPD reading discrepancy between Pitool on screen IPD value and actual IPD values when adjusting IPD on the HMD, so that the on-screen IPD matches the IPD dial and so that the headsets give the same on-screen IPD reading to the IPD dial when the IPD dial is increased/decreased.
    @Pimax, will you fix the IPD reading discrepancy in Pitool?

  6. Colour/contrast/gamma/sharpening filter adjustment in Pitool.
    Suggestions for Pimax

  7. Pitool game user settings profile so settings for each game can be saved, and so they need not be readjusted for every game.
    Software Request: Community based profiles downloadable via PiTool

  8. At least 3 Different sized face foams and a vertical tilt option on the Deluxe audio headstrap to reduce image distortion. Also offering consumers several different sized facial foams to purchase from Pimax’s online store.
    Distortion fix: vertical placement on face is PARAMOUNT


Take one Headset you reserved for preorder Person XY, change adress to mine, give it to DPD! Thanks!


Awesome! I love how this community has so many enthusiasts willing to take part and create things for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you all!


Yeah, awesome!
Thanks @anon74848233 and happy Valentines day for all.
I just heard there’s such day today.

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I want to request the implementation of a check box which disables PiTool from grabbing controllers. Currently PiTool accesses controllers directly and passes them to Steam VR, this is needed for Oculus games to work without going through Revive.

But this implementation brings problems with it, PiTool grabs all Steam VR controllers no matter how they are connected to the PC (custom flashed dongles, paired to Vive…). Because Pitool does think all controllers are wands the mapping of all other controllers are wrong, like Knuckles and custom built controllers.

This feature not being implemented will create bad publicity for Pimax, for example in the new video about the Knuckle Controllers from MRTV commentors are questioning him why he didnt use his Pimax anymore in this Video.

Please implement a option to disable this function of Pitool so I can use my custom controllers with my Pimax. This would future proof Pimax HMDs to work with all future controllers without having to code in every controller one by one.


Hey! Thanks for the ‘gift’, its surely a nice addition.

Can anyone put a 3D image to demonstrate how its gonna be in the final construction?



if you have 3D paint on windows 10 that will open it, good luck trying to print it though, awkward shape to print.
Will not even fit on My printers build plate :frowning:


Yeah, looks difficult. Gotta try it in two pieces.

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Looks like this:

Says here https://www.makexyz.com/convert/stp-to-stl that it’s gonna cost $33USD to get it printed.


However, @anon74848233 this “gift” doesn’t make up the fact that pre-orders are getting their headsets now. Nothing here, no numbers nothing.

I want chocolate and flowers :triumph:


Thanks for the awesome kit cant wait to use it to hid the case cracking.