[Pimax Official] Producing status and Shipping arrangement of 8K

Dear Pimax 8K Backers,

The team here at Pimax felt it was important we put out some official information about how our production of the Pimax 8K is so much slower than the Pimax 5K+.
First thing - We absolutely apologize for the slowdown on the delivery of 8K headsets!

You should know we have been actively improving the 8K production by increasing the quality assurance standards that are required before *any headset is allowed to be shipped to a customer. In recent months this new standard caused us to reject 8K panels at a much higher rate and therefore caused fewer approved devices for shipment. This caused a gap between scheduled deliveries of panels from our supplier and our efforts have been to accelerate deliveries from the supplier.

Our goal is the lowest return rate possible but unfortunately this did slow down progress compared to our rapid production of the 5K+. We have chosen quality over quantity and we hope you will bear with us as we ensure we deliver you the best devices we can build.
We are doing our best to build and ship as many 8K devices as we can be we will not complete the remaining shipments before the logistics center closes for the Spring Festival from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 10th. We will endeavor to get the remaining devices shipped directly following the Chinese New Year holiday.

If you have more questions,please email us via support@pimaxvr.com and especally for those who haven’t confirmed their delivery info (make sure you include your name, backer number and your preferred device in the email).

Backers can check latest updates via link below(information will keep updating):

Production Update:



Sounds good to me. I’ve waited this long and with the laundry list of +"+bugs" ie; light leaks, audio jack issues, cracked housings, dead pixels etc etc. , I hope we can all get a good “working” HMD!!

Oh and for the love of God can someone please put the backer numbers in numerical order on the spreadsheet, Thank you!

Thank you for explaining. The reason given for the slower 8K production makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is why it took so long for Pimax to communicate it. The reason does not seem like something to hide or to be afraid to mention. Please, please, please try to communicate information more quickly – good and bad. No news is worse than bad news.


Also, please add this post to the “Pimax 8K” category to give it more visibility. It’s easy to miss with only the “pimax-official” tag. @PimaxUSA, can you please help with that? Thank you!

Thank you. Happy to wait to get a QA approved 8k product! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing with us the details about the 8K status.
Now I can wait in peace because I prefer quality over quantity.
Enjoy your Chinese New Year holiday !


Thanks for your support and help


Thank you! Happy to hear the focus on quality.

Also, thank you for giving us the exact dates shipping will be closed.

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Sorry but still not happy Dallas, didn’t like what i heard from Pimax USA and very disrespectful not answering questions to UK backers.
Lost trust in you.


Because just telling the truth didn’t fix the problem. Switching as many users as possible to 5K+ fixed the problem, but it would have been much harder to convince people if they knew that this switch was a necessity and not just a friendly suggestion.


I have answered this question(but not create a topic),As for UK 5K Plus backers,everyone’s headset is shipped already,The headsets are on the way to warehouse.

The batches of headset might arrived at UK warehouse together because of logistic partner arrangement for Spring Festival.


Hey @anon74848233 do you have any information for Australian Backers yet ?

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Make sure you tag @anon74848233 otherwise he may not see it.

Yeah how do I do that on an IPhone?

Unsure, PC is just typing @Name.
I’ve tagged him so hopefully he sees it regardless.

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thanks I have done it .

I’m relatively sure he’s ignoring our requests for now. Really hope he replies to any of us and gives us some information though.

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Yes I am just trying to figure where they are shipped from. I have a PM from Dallas saying they are coming from the UK which is strange but now he says they are coming from HK and we should already have tracking no’s .

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Thank you for the update. As I’ve said previously, I would rather wait to get a quality headset, instead of getting a poor-quality one sooner. Of course, the wait is tough, so please continue your push to ship to all your backers.


AU headsets shipped from HK warehouse

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