Pimax, Oculus Games and Render Quality

So we all know that SS in steam affects what you see in steamVR games.

But 1 question I never got answered is what about oculus games.

If I set Pitool to 1.5 I’m guessing that would affect the resolution of Oculus games.

but if i leave it at one, does setting the SS in Oculus Tray/Debug Tool affect the resolution for the Pimax?


I just came here to ask this same question. I’d like to increase the SS of some of my Oculus games now I have a 3090 if possible.


Why not just try it out? Surely, it must be a visible difference and if not why bother…? :smiley:

I mean, either it works and You get better visuals (and worse performance if You go too far) or it doesn’t and You don’t… :wink:

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this is true but , nobody has gone on record and confirmed it.

You can be the first!


No, no I insist after you. :slight_smile:

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No really, you first, you’re too kind sir :wink:

I only have Lone Echo and don’t have the Oculus app installed currently, so I am unlikely to be the best tester hehe…

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I’ll try it at some point next week if I get the chance. 3090 is arriving on Monday, w00t!


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