Pimax not working anymore [SOLVED]


My Pimax 4k stops working by itself. It just stays with the green led lit on the headset, is no longer red or blue like before, even with my computer turned off. I’ve tried reinstalling piplay, replug USB zillion times, restart computer… Nothing works. On Piplay, is showed that the USB and HDMI are plugged and connected, but still with a X in the illustration (attachment). I don’t know what to do anymore, I need help!

Sorry for my bad english.

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What is your system specs?

Windows ver
Gpu/driver version
Piplay version & headset firmware

If you have am amd vega you might need this


The headset light staying on while computer off suggests usb charging is on in the bios.

  • Windows 10 64 bits
  • 8 Gb Memory DDR4 3000 MHz
  • Processor Ryzen 5 1600x 3.6 GHz
  • Graphic card Radeon RX 580 4 GB (version 18.5.2)
  • Piplay v3.0.0.81

I don’t know how to find the headset firmware

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You shouldn’t be affected by the vega bug. It was working well with tge rx 580 4g?

If so try rolling back your amd driver to previous one. Your piplay looks to be a newer 3.x version. If it was working before try i think its 2.0.71 (one just before v3.x release)

Yeah, it was working well since january when I bought the headset. It was working normally until yesterday. Maybe it was the new version of Piplay, I was using the version 3.0.0.(something), so I updated to the It’s the only thing I changed. Where I can download the previous version?

Here is one with the last 2.0.7


Thank you very much! I will try and post the results later. :grinning:

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@glaucioportela pls use 17.12.1

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It worked!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The last version of PiPlay (v3.0.0.81) was the bug,I tried the version 2.0.7 you sended to me, worked on the first try. Very thanks for the help, I was really worried :sweat_smile:

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Awesome news! Enjoy. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

same problem here with the v3.0.0.81, but it may have been with the previous version too, i think i didnt get a chance to test it, before the 81 release.
ryzen 1700, vega64, win10
(running the vega firmware)
ill try to get an earlier verson of piplay and see if it fixes it too.

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Yeah try the piplay above.

sadly no joy… with the 2.0.7 beta from above the PC locks up completely when i turn the pimax hmd on. needs a hard-reboot. if the hmd is turned on while booting, it locks up while loading the desktop, with the "welcome"text still half way through its fadeout.
updated graphicdrivers > makes no difference…
did any of the last updates fuck with(aka change) the firmware? first thing i noticed with was that not even windows recogniced the hmd as a 2nd displaydevice(no “device connected/disconnected” messages)…

EDIT: just realized: i cant even refresh the firmware because now the whole pc locks up the second i power on the hmd… man, i realy hope my 8k isnt gonna be such a pain…

EDIT2: without connecting the HDMI cable i could refresh the firmware (btw. the downloadlink for the vega-firmware now wants a decryption key, which is pretty horrible for any new customer with vega) ( MEGA )

but it didnt change anything, guess i can try to roll back the graphics driver to an earlier version which makes no sense since i updated it only after pimax died on me. but hey what else am i gonna do on my weekend…

EDIT3: rolling back to catalyst 18.1.1 did it somehow… i am on piplay atm and will not update anymore.
had to kill piserver and piservice in the taskmanager to get it connected and then switch to videomode and back to pimaxmode to get it to work. also the IPD adjustment just crashes if you try to adjust anything… so… still pretty far from plug´n´play…

catalyst 18.7.1 still no joy.
any news on when AMD users can update their grafikdrivers again?
im not realy happy stuck at 18.1.1…

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just fyi catalyst 18.9.1 and the new pi v3.0.0.85 work again with my vega64.

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You have the modified firmware installed though?

yes i have the vega-spezific firmware, i think i was one of the first to test it.

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It would be interesting to see if a non vega special firmware is working with the new Amd driver.

honestly i have spent so many hours and days troubleshooting the 4k, im very unlikely to try that… maybe once my 8k is here.

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No of course. There is another user recently whom was only able to get the 4k with Vega working on Win7.

I am guessing he had trouble upgrading to tge vega specific firmware. (Not easy to find) need to find it & link it to the p4hlp topics.