Pimax Not Detected As Display


I just got my pimax 4k today.

I plugged it into my computer and it didn’t show up as a display.

Also piplay keeps saying its disconnected.

I’m using windows 10.

I’m using a Nividia Graphics Card.

EDIT: My issue is not with the driver maybe its windows 10 or the hdmi cable.

Hi, may I ask what’s version of Piplay & Firmware you used? Is that integrated graphics running in your PC?
Have you both inserted HDMI cable of Pimax and PC monitor cable to PC discrete graphics ports?

Please let me know or add our skype or email: support@pimaxvr.com

I have tried a lot of versions but currently I’m using piplay version 1.2.34

I have a dedicated graphics card called the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Yes I have inserted the HDMI for the Pimax and the DVI cable for my monitor into the graphics card.

Hi Jeronimo

Are you using Steam? might want to try reinstalling that if thats where you are having issues.

I had loads of trouble with my Pimax as well. My main issue was with Steam not working with the Pimax and displaying VR content. I deleted and reinstalled Steam and solved the problem. I think my issue was due to previously using Trinus VR

Hope it helps

My issue is that windows 10 is not detecting the pimax as a monitor.

would uninstall that version, reboot, install 1.1.92 - this is the most ‘stable’ tbh

Hi, is it effective if reinstalled USB driver?

Or please completely uninstall Piplay1.2.34 and install Piplay 1.2.57 after disabled anti-virus software.

Please call me through Skype: support@pimaxvr.com, I would like to provide remotely assistance for you when you’re available.

Are you available to team view at some point?

I have exactly the same problem.
My card nvidia GTX1080

Just received Pimax 4K. Open box, connect everything.

Before installing Software:

  • 1st Try: Monitor connected by HDMI, Pimax connected in Displayport through converter to HDMI. Not detectected as a monitor in windows 10.
  • 2nd Try: Monitor connected by Displayport through converter. Pimax connected to HDMI. Not detected as a monitor in windows 10.

NO antivirus (apart from windows defender).
Install PiPlay 1.2.57 (intl).
During SW installation, appears 2nd monitor for 2 seconds. Then disappears. AFTER instalation, not detected.
I repet 1st and 2nd try again. Not detected.

Forgot to say I don’t have an integrated graphics card.
Besides, sometimes the ON/OFF switch does not want to shut it down.

I have been experimenting a bit more and sometimes, after a restart, I plug the Pimax and for a second, the second monitor appears in device manager, but then dissapears.

This seems a hardware problem, it is prior to installing any software, Just the headset is not reconized by the computer as a monitor. Maybe there is a faulty series as Jeronimo and me seem to have bought them around the same date.

Do you accidentally not have a graphics tablet?
In humans, it causes problems similar to yours.


I was thinking of it

Yeah it turns out the headphone jacks on my Pimax are broken and since they’re connected to the motherboard it stops it from working. I dont know why but that’s what pimax support told me. I have to get a replacement.