PIMAX Mystery Boxes - now CES - vs. Kickstarter backers waiting for controllers

For backers - see here:

I’m on my third ticket re: my missing KS controllers. The most recent one was “triggered” by Pimax telling me controllers were “out of stock” on the same day they spam me with marketing e-mail re: “mystery boxes” which might (or might not) contain Sword controllers.

Unsurprisingly, no Pimax updates and no controllers over the last 3 weeks.

I just updated the ticket because I got another email today about CES mystery boxes, which also allegedly might (or might not) contain Sword controllers.


a) Pimax does get controllers, just not a whole lot, and they’d rather put the in their Box Lotteries than finally wrap their Kickstarter

b) Pimax isn’t lying when they say the controllers are out of stock, so the mystery Box Lottery will have no controllers in it for certain, and Pimax is lying about the boxes

c) Pimax ain’t lying yet, because neither boxes nor KS controllers will ship for quite some time, and who knows what is being hawked at that time

tl;dr: people interested in Lottery Box, beware, and if any KS backers actually got their controllers I’d love to know, because I really want this Kickstarter to be over.


In understand your sentiment, but a) the lottery boxes will probably contain say 1-3 sets of controllers in total, b/c Pimax is using these boxes to get rid off their shelf ware like the hardly functional eye-tracking, the functional but rarely game-supported hand-tracking,etc… so in the grander scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, and b) assuming you haven‘t waited all the way from 2018 to get VR controllers, what is most likely to happen once you het them shipped ? You‘ll try them a couple of times, consider your Index controllers to be better (even if just due to being used to them for a couple of years now) and store the Pimax controllers on your shelf to rot for the foreseeable future, in my case joining the eye-tracking & hand-tracking modules.
This is why I can‘t get excited about Pimax having first announced that there will not be any Sword Sense after years of alleged good progress, and now the sort of forced upon us delivery of the basic Sword controllers doesn‘t even happen.

So what.

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Yup, this whole thing is very suspicious.

Im still waiting on controllers and base stations.

For those of us that are still waiting to receive controllers and that don’t have index or other controllers like me, it’s an issue. I’ve been waiting for over 4 years now to finally receive the full package that I backed and be able to enjoy VR beyond seated (flight/racing sim) experiences.

I was like that before Oculus shipped Touch. After i got a Pimax and realized bases and controllers were in serious delay I bought a used Vive for bases and controllers.
Because t-pads are crap for twitch play like FPSs, I still didn’t play much more than sims until I got Index controllers.

Here’s a list of games I tried to play on t-pads and could not enjoy from my library.
All of them.

Well to be fair, I still use my Wands for one game. i attached them to a broomstick to make a diy paddle to Kayaking.

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I would have run out of patience 2 years ago if I didn‘t have the Vive Wands & boxes anyhow, and would have bought me the Index set (which I did anyway b/c the wands suck).

I wouldn‘t have allowed Pimax to delay me experiencing the miracle of room-scale, VR controller enabled VR for a mind-boggling 4 years, no way.

But I appreciate that the budget may not be easily available to all of the users to spend another 600 bucks on something you ought to have delivered to you anyways.

Just think of it: F-O-U-R f*cking YEARS of limited VR because you made a wrong choice in 2018… that’s depressing!


It is depressing. I’ve been exceptionally patient.

If I had known then that it was going to have taken this long, I would have made other arrangements. We were told many times over that the controllers were being worked on and were close to releasing, but every time the dates that we were promised came and went, often without explanation or mention.

I’m still furious that the joystick version was cancelled after being promised for years (it’s still even mentioned on the Kickstarter campaign page), but something would be better than what I have right now, which is nothing.


I have been invested here daily since 2017 so I would say the signs were there. Pimax’s ability to even meet a timeline was dubious from CES 2018 on, was a good indicator.

It did become clear Valve’s BS 2.0 would be delayed and an alternative might be a good idea. At the time, Sebastion wisely recommended seeking out V1 bases and even suggested buying a used Vive (cheap at the time) could be a good solution.
It was for me, even with the crappy wands, because I was able to score the kit for the cost of to V1 bases. When Index controllers arrived and Pimax was nowhere, the choice was made for me The signs were there but with all the crap going on, they weren’t hard to miss,

Latest: “some technical issues with this product are still being identified before shipping, thus it may really take some time”

Either the mystery boxes never contain Sword controllers, OR they are putting product with issues in?

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Lol. Either of these would be bad.

Funny how there has been no official statement about this. We are left just twisting in the wind.

You should have seen Rendered Realities podcast comments when they dropped the news about Pimax not being at CES. Apparently Pimax guys were in attendance and they would have shown the 12k but it got “held up at customs”

No update on ticket. Last was weeks ago in mid January, “next week” would have shipment.
Since then, no update or reply.

Jan 29 official statement is most recent I see:

“Batch #3 is now going out as we continue to fulfill Swords in the following order: KS Backers, pre-orders and later orders.”

That does not appear to be truthful.

To my surprise, I received a sword controller this morning. There was no prior shipping information. It looks like it’s really starting to ship!

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let us know if it works as well as expected.

I have confirmed that it works on BigScreen.
I was only able to perform menu display, pointing function, and confirmation.
Tracking is stable.
There is a vibration reaction when the trigger is clicked.

I don’t have a VR action game so I can’t try too much.
I may be able to try No Man’s Sky.

I think trying to get a highly sought-after Kickstart item from China during a pandemic and a trade war was probably not a smart move on my part for exactly four reasons…now I just need to smuggle a telsa model Z from Siberia through … oh dangit Ukraine!


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