Pimax Must Answer about the 5K BE (edit- they did answer)

Look- the silence is insane at this point. Is it true that if we picked the BE we need to wait another 6 months? What is going on here? It’s crazy that pre-order people have their headsets and eBay is flooded with them. I’m about ready to give up. I’ve sent emails- asked support. I paid the extra and was told that it would be shipping soon with tracking. Just an honest answer of “hey dude, you are waiting another year” would be preferable to being ignored.


Honestly the team is swamped in requests with luck sometime next week more info will be available.


Thanks Helio- lets hope so.

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Until now pimax have clearly stated the BE is still in development and no date given yet.

No point pimax giving a date early when everyone goes apeshit when they pass that date.

So the answer currently is ‘they don’t know!’, it could be sooner it could take longer… When it’s done

For now it sounds like its close to complete and in testing, a bit like M2.


As below, the youtube fanboys got thiers delivered.
As it is a german video… He said that it was his, which means he had paid for it. And that does not mean that PiMax gave him for promotion.

In my opinion, the development is finished, but massproduction is propably not started.
which will result in some few for “special persons”, but no roll out for customers

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That is no ordinary youtube “fanboy”.

If you have followed things. He is a m1 tester & it was asked by the community for him & a couple others to review them.

So your post is really out of line as he is a backer & well known.


Not in development. No. I was told when I paid the price difference that it would be shipped soon with tracking. That is clearly not “in development”. You can actually go onto retail sites and buy it- so again, not in development.

Yes it is in development! You’re confusing the BE version that was a limited Korean supply. Those are NOT the OLED 5k+ BE that is being discussed.


Nope, some of the previous M1/M2 testers are getting them for testing/review, (Sebastian (MRTV) was getting one also but they sent the wrong one…) which was inferred when I said they are “in testing”. They are not officially finished, but who knows if its any day, week or month…


Dear Lars,

we YouTube “fanboys” spent hundreds of hours betatesting early builds of the hardware and software. We did that without being paid. If it was not for us pushing Pimax to deliver a better product, the company would likely not have made it so far. Just to put things in perspective when you talk about those YouTube “fanboys”.

Sincerely, Sebastian


Allocen, I hope you really don’t believe that as I know SweViver doesn’t.

All the Testers pushed to make this the best headset out there.

SweViver, Voodoode, Sebastian, Yanfeng, Pumcy, The Spanish Team, Oscar etc…

They were a Team & there is no I in team.


Sorry for the insufficient open information regarding 5K BE before, now we changed Pimax 5K BE to Pimax 5K XR to avoid confusion. Pimax 5K XR is the OLED version for consumer marketing.

Pimax 5K BE (5K XR) is now in mass production, we plan to manufacture 1000PCS in March. So all the 5K BE (5K XR) is supposed to ship during March.


Another entitled dick comment. Such a shame some people have no appreciation and just talk utter shite, putting the efforts of others down for no logical reason.


A rename is the best thing you could have done! so many are confusing the BE versions. I like the name and good to hear you’re starting production.


How long before you get your 5k oled? I’d like to see some SDE comparison pics + your thoughts after more testing . If the SDE isn’t really that bad I might consider buying one .


It’s a good idea to change the model name, but wouldn’t it have been clearer to just call it the 5K OLED?

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Thank you! Appreciate the info, PimaxVR.


If BE is Business Edition… what’s the meaning of XR? I have curiosity hahaha

I’m thinking of selling my 5K+ and buy XR version. Good colours and black are important. Bleached view is no go for me.


Xtra Rgb … :thinking::grin:

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