Pimax + multi monitors

Hi Pimax people,
I have just purchased and received a Pi4k. I installed PiPlay ( and SteamVR.but when I try to set up there’s a terrible lagging. All my system become very slow.
Here is my config
Win7(64 bits)
i7-3770K (3,5GHz)
16 GB Ram
2 monitors (Ilyama + HP)

I saw in the forum that you recommand to use only one monitor with the HMD but it is very unconfortable for me to unplug one of the monitor to use the Pimax because I want to develop apps with Unreal Engine 4 and I need both the Headset and the monitors. Is there a tip to overcome those difficulties ?

Thank you.

I know @Enopho uses a multimonitor setup & migh have some ideas on setup. Granted he does have a 1080 ti so gpu wise he’s monstrous. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Thank you but I think my problem is mainly due to software because, I don’t know why, when I launch another program (any program) the SteamVR starts and the frame rate is better when I try to set up the Pimax…

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I have 3x24inch monitors and the pimax. Things to help…

Connect your monitors via Dp if possible as Dp does not use any GPU channels. It is purely a display port output… Where as hdmi will use one of the GPU channels and will impact on performance.

Next do not use the latest Nvidia drivers as they can cause micro stutters, use instead the Nvidia drivers from July 2017 they seem to work best.

Use the latest piplay and the latest firmware for the pimax.

If you are in video mode make sure the pimax monitor is set to the right resolution in multimonitor setup

Let me know how that goes


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Thanks Enopho, but I am a little confused…What do you mean by Dp plugging? Do you know where to find old Nvidia drivers (I updated yesterday to the 391.01 version) ? Thank you for your kind answer

Ok I understand what you mean by dp now. Unfortunately my monitors don’t support them. But one of them has problems and I am going to change so I’ll buy one model which have DP plugs. Moreover I found the place to download “old” drivers, so I’ll try to folllow your advice and I’ll tell you!

You can use dp 2 hdmi adapters

Hi Enopho, just one question. I do have connected 2 hdmi: 1 projector and the Pimax4k to my Msi 1080Ti. Do you recomended to use DP with my projector and the HDMI for the Pimax4K???. Will I get better performance???.


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It is recommended to use DP’s because they are passive cables and will not use any channels from a graphics card… It is mearly another screen display where as hdmi is an active cable and because it is capable of video and audio will use one of the channels off the GPU which will impact performance as you need ALL resources for Vr.

Hope this helps



Hi @remi ,

apologies i missed your post… please tag me with @Enopho so i get your notifications in future… i will then get an email and will visit the board.

The driver i use is this one. 384.94-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql (obviously i use Win10 64bit) but what your after is nvidia 384.94 drivers (July 2017 ones) they seem to work best with Pimax and do not cause micro stutters or freezing. also i get better FPS in games like elite dangerous even on piplay render at 3.0 and ED on Ultra VR (using a 1080ti Aourus card)

as @Heliosurge mentioned, if your monitor has a DVI or VGA port or even HDMI you can buy DP to HDMI or DP to DVI or DP to VGA adapters that will work as well… basically the DP (display ports) on GPUs will only send a image via passive feed… so even if the adapter you purchase has HDMI (that can do video and audio) only a video feed is being sent so it will not use any GPU channels from your graphics card.

ideally using no adapters is best option, but not all of us has throw away money so adapters are fairly cheap and will do the job fine.

All the best



Thanks for your advice Enopho. My pimax has no more lagging now but I still have other issues with SteamVR. I’ll post about it in another thread.


your welcome Remi… i will look out for your post about steamvr in the support section.


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