Pimax Mode vs Extended Mode Resolution

I’ve check a few time now, i can’t get the second screen to show when i’m in pimax mode.

I do not have a second screen in pimax or direct mode either. Be interested if any one does.

This is how my pimax appears when in Pimax Mode.
It is display 2 (and portrait), in extended it appears as landscape.

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It is mainly depends on the resolution of games.

What is the resolution of monitor 1? What do you have set?

Thank’s for the picture. Now that i see it. I think at some point i have had similar on my PC, I guess when it was first installed. Now i am going to spend ages trying to get it back, for no probably benefit.
Right now I have a problem in extended mode, I get a vertical screen in extended mode not horizontal. any idea’s for a fix is appreciated, i thin it happened because i changed refresh rate, but can not find out where or how i did.

My main monitor, is a 3K Macbook display… (2880 x 1620 is believe)… however, that just the retina display… if I set the Pimax to the currently unsupported 3k resolution its the same size as my macbook pros monitor… if I set it to the currently unsupported 4k resolution it appears bigger than my retina primary displays resolution.

What windows OS are you running, if you type screen orientation
from your start-menu and click 'change the screen orientation; you can change it back to landscape (flipped)… that should correct your extended mode issue… not sure why its landscaped flipped…but thats what mine says,

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I will try that tonight when I get home. Man if its that obvious I will kick myself :slight_smile: I think it might be :confused:

Thanks for the screen shots. Will let you know if it fixes it.

Well i think that would of solved my issue, but tonight when i put it into extended mode everything was perfect, back to 2k resolutions, right way up. That is pimax !

Thank’s again for posting the screen shots, i totally missed that option, will come in handy no doubt.

No Problem :slight_smile:
Happy Pimaxing!

I am just about to try reshader with this,

I think it could allow some games to be played in the 2k extended mode.
haha, and I ended up taking tomorrow off to play with my pimax haha havent had a full day off yet to play with it.

I use it (see another post i did earlier) I love it, works great with gta v. It does but no headtracking, if you get a solution ! Happy days !

The last one the radeon software installed.

Hehe, it must have been your post where I Initially saw it suggested then… haha didn’t realize.

I got it working with borderlands 2,
You are right… just gotta figure the head tracking part out…
I may hunt for/write something that just controls your mouse via head movements… then that would work for all of the reshade games.

I notice it’s ipd or something is off… like I set it in the Pimax and it good for other stuff but the reshade felt tougher on my eyes… I’ll see if there is a option in the shift+F2 menu.

I also bought vorpx… However, I should
Have researched more about it not having sbs output.
Got the desktop viewer working in Pimax mode for that one though.

Today is my Pimax day,
So hopefully I make some useful discoveries today.


Good luck with the headtracking, I have tried opentrack and freepie to see if they can read the gyroscope info. No luck so far, if we had access to the gyroscope in extended mode it would be awesome.

the ipd in extended mode has been a bit game dependant, some look absolutely perfect. some like you are saying a bit of.

if you have an android phone, you can use headtracking app on that and output to freepie or opentrack, but for me it would work for a few minutes and then stop.

hope that helps, enjoy pimax day !

hehe thank-you.
Just got half-life 2 working with reshader… definitely think its time to look into that tracking.
Sweet thanks Faranti I will check those out… they also posted the SDK earlier… so I’m gonna see if there is simply way interface with it through that.

Thanks again… I will play around with the ipds and let you know if I find a good extended-mode headtracking solution.

a tip if your playing without head tracking is to still move your head, when you move the mouse.

It helps reduce sickness.

IF you have any ideas on the sdk or need something externally tested let me know. Be great if we get the head tracking sorted.

Hehe I found this too and started doing it… haha I’m glad I’m not the only one… definitely makes the experience better if you move your head in sync with your movements.

That’s sound great Feranti, still researching… but if I do write some code to help us here I absolutely will post it for beta testing!

PS: I tried crisis 2, as I heard it has build in sbs stereo. It does and it’s awesome, I even could set it to the full 2K 1440 resolution in game (had to turn the detail down for my MacBook to give me decent fps… but it looks great

Hey codemusic I just saw this post. Yeah I’ve got headtracking going in VRplayer :slight_smile: It’s just that you need a DK2 tracker, which has been released, see here: http://community.openmr.ai/t/native-4k-resolution-support/829/6?u=sjefdeklerk

VRplayer seems to be the best 180/360 player out there. Only thing I’m missing is some basic media functions via the keyboard (seek etc). But C# sourcecode has been released, I took a look at it, seems very very simple to add those functions.