Pimax Mode vs Extended Mode Resolution

Hi there,
I got my Pimax!

Everything works great and it is awesome!

I noticed that Extended mode, is 2k (double the 1080p resolution),
however in Pimax mode its locked at the 1080p resolution.

I compared Pimax steam games and Extended mode games, and Extended mode is way clearer hands down!

Is there anyway to get the Pimax mode in this higher resolution, or since its tied to SteamVR is it forced to the lower 1080p resolution?

Nontheless, since Extended Mode is WAY clearer, I want to do as much in this mode as possible.
I have been using VRPlayer (https://vrplayer.codeplex.com/); however, I do not see an option for our head-tracking.
Has anyone gotten head tracking working in VRPlayer.... or does anyone have any other options.

I love Virtural Desktop in Pimax mode... but the resolution is half of extended mode.

Any thoughts? Thanks
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This is what I am after too. You can access the headtracking information outputted in direct and pimax mode with the program open track however not had any luck doing same with extended mode.

I’ve also tried freepie without success. I don’t even know if the head tracking is turned on in extended mode.

Other less ideal ideas is to use an external head tracker.

Anyone more technical got any thoughts on it ??

I think extended mode is just a second screen…i also can’t use any tracking in VRPlayer.

pimax mode is making it self act like a vive/oculus and they have 1080p/1440p screens.

i think this is why the games dont look as good in steam vr, hopefully when second generation of the Vive is released in 2017 we will get better 4k games.

Well, I noticed in Pimax mode technically the display is an over-under display… if we could either get that to change it resolution or trick steam just to play the games in a windows then move it to HMD you are right.

I agree, steamvr is limited in its base setup because it’s current hardware is only 1080p… but I think a little hacking will allow at least 2K on the Pimax.

I found two drivers to make regular 2d games like hl2 actually use a sbs 3D model… I think this will work for us:

Gotta work though so I’ll try it after work tonight.

Here are the links I found so far:



Both are stereo driver that output the game in side-by-side.
With the Pimax in extended mode I think this will work.
But, I haven’t tested these out yet.

Hello CodeMusic,

in this forum you have a subjet how to unlock the resolution.

You can read it. in conclusion for me i have download the Pix.exe tools and now i have the extended screen with pimax configure at extended mode to 2560X1440. But for moment if i start a game in extended mode the game video seems crushed :frowning:
I bought Vorpx is a driver application to create a side by side with the original game. But same for me i can start the game in extended mode with Vorpx. I think it’s configuration problem in my side.

oh cool… that must have been what I did. Before getting my Pimax I ran that Pix.exe… but I didnt think it did anything… in fact I was scared it was a virus haha. But, that must be why I have 2560x1400, I also have a 3k and 4k resolution option…but they dont render properly.

I will also check out all those drivers tonight… I am sure it is just a configuration setting we need to look into.
The fact we can get it extended to way we have makes me certain with the right driver we can hive all these games in 2k 3d… and pretty soon even a higher resolution.

I found this link… that in the past would have worked for us… but I think the new version changed how steamvr is outputted… but if you look in that link you will see it playing halflife 2 in the format we are looking for.

… Man… wish I wasnt at work right now hahaha… 5 more hours to go until its Pimax time again!! ^_^!!

No you can use dsr or vsr and have new resolution settings available in steam games. It’s not a steam issue.

Yes… but it that also the case for when in SteamVR (with a headset detected).
I meant a limitation when using that SteamVR composer application (which all steam vr games want to render within).

i can’t turn VSR on its say not supported

did you have to change any settings?

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I have an AMD RX480 with the last firmware and VSR works in pimax mode.
You are not in pimax mode you are in extended mode.

I think you are right and if your main monitor is 1080p you only have access to 1080p, if it is 1440p you have access to 1440p resolution (in pimax mode).

That’s strange…i’m running a r9 390…i will try updating drivers.

im using 1080p screen but i can put the headset in 1440p without any problems.

In pimax mode, without vsr?

No i’m in extended mode,

In pimax mode there is no second screen…so your unable to change the resolution.

I’ve updated drivers to 16.11.4 and still no VSR, what AMD driver are you running?

You always can change the resolution in game and the max i can get actually is 1080p in pimax mode. If you want higher resolution you have to use vsr.

Yeah i know what you mean now,

i was able to play rise of the tomb raider in 1440p in extended mode,

had to put my 1080p screen to 1440p using VSR

was hard to see the to corners and the menu…but picture looks good.

Tried to do the same in 3840 Ă— 2160 but when a bit crazy.

We guess that if your screen was 1440p you will not have to use VSR in order to get 1440p.

Pimax mode… you are sure there is no second screen.
If I go to display properties once in Pimax mode, I see a second screen with the orientation as portrait locked at the 1080p resolution.

Is my Pimax mode different than yours?
I will look into VSR… is it a true resolution though or just a virtual via scaling resolution?
I will do some research and see what I find, thanks.

I have only one screen in pimax mode.

I will see if I’m running the latest firmware then…
Anyone know what the latest version would be?