Pimax mode impossible to launch with 1.1.92


I’m trying since a while to get the pimax mode to work but piplay tells me “device connected” and the headset is stuck on the green light but nothing is happening. The extend mode is working correctly. With the beta versions, the pimax mode is working. I have no integrated graphical card (not like the ones who where having issues with the intel integrated graphic card). For info I have a GTX 980. Any clue to get it working ?

Thanks by advance for your answers and sorry about my bad english :slight_smile:

I had same experience. I lost and decided to downgrade to Win7 and it was good choose. More or less working correctly but still have to remove and attach USB regularly.

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Hi Have you updated to the latest firmware
I use Piplay 1.1.92 without any issues.

Also, when in Pimax mode the led is Red. I tused to be green but when I updated the firmware it’s now red in Pimax mode and Blue in Extended mode.

It’s also Blue when using Steam VR (in Pimax mode).

Hope this helps, but if not, use Skype to contact Pimax support. I’m sure they’ll help get it going.


Also I’m getting a false (?) positive with 1.1.92 on my virus scanner. You might try disabling your virus scanner if you have problems and see if that helps.

Also try deleting your steam config: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings

Hey guys, thanks for your answers, finally, I made it work with the 1.2.50 so I keeped this version :confused:

What I found so far in Windows 7 x64 version is the .NET v4 framework conflict with the device. Now I go back to Win10 which include .NET v4 as a built-in feature and try to remove.