Pimax Mode- Direct Mode

Hi, after downloading the latest driver I can choose between Pimax and Direct Mode
1.Direct Mode: The game will be shown as 3D Content of the glasses but on the normal Monitor, in the PimaxVR glasses you only see the game as 2D vieuw like it is on the normal monitor ( in front of a huge grayscaled 3D room ). Or: When I move the glasses I see all the 3D Content moving on the normal Monitor, instead of in the VR glasses. The resolution seems to be O.K. What is going wrong?
2. Pimax Mode: When I start Pcars in Steam VR Modus, the computer breaks down to a blue Screen ( While Windows is gathering the mistakes of the System). I tried it at least 10 times. always the same Break Down. For one short moment I could start the game, but the resolution was incredible bad, there was no gaming possible.
So in this new device there are some really bad Bugs
And, What can I do ?
Windows 10-64, AMD 290 with the latest Driver, I downloaded oculus SDK 0.8 , too

Hi, could u tell me which Piplay version u r using please

Download and install the latest Piplay Software which was released on the 17th of October.
Software should automatically update your Pimax VR firmware to

Set your Pimax VR mode to “Pimax Mode” using Piplay.
Run SteamVR and play your games in VR.

I’ve been using it with Elite Dangerous and WarThunder and I’ve had no issues.

I’m also running Windows 10 x64 with AMD RX480 using latest drivers.

The Piplay Version is 1.1.74. T think it’s the latest one

Could u try to uninstall the OC 0.8 and try again?

Hi zyyzyyzyy1
I deleted Piplay, installed the latest Version 1.1.74
I I deinstalled oculus runtime
I finished Kaspersky,
I allowed the game to run in the Firewall
I start Piplay in Pimax Mode
I start Steam VR (green light: ready )
I start Pcars in VR
2 - 3 seconds later the screen gets blue: Windows is gathering informations about mistakes.:
So, I’m really disappointed about this frustrating start with Pimax VR.
I hope you can help me soon
Kind regards

Uninstall the Radeon drivers and reboot your PC.
Reinstall the Radeon drivers.

Hi, every games get blue screen? Or just one Pcars?
And where did you download this game? OC? Steam? Or so on?
And could u try to just open this games without VR Headset and tell me if it can works well?

Thank you!

Could u add our Skype? support@pimaxvr.com
We will try to use the Teamview to help u to solve your problem.

Pcars is my only game. I downloaded the game at Steam.
Pcars runs perfect without the VR Headset

Hi I added Pimax at Skype, so you should allow the contact.
My Teamview ID: 891817322

I installed another game : the Lab. But nothing has changed. After a short time in Pimax mode the Computer crashes with a blue Screen. After a new start the devices of piplay are not loadable anymore ( PiService.exe don’t work ). I have to delete piplay and reinstall the device. And the same problem starts again with Blue Screen and so on. Thats the most important problem. The Next one . While the few minutes the game is running the sharpness is really strange. I have to adjust the lenses for my eyes, My eyes have a Dioptrie of-2 and -5. So where can I adjust the lenses for my individuel sharpness. . On the top of the Headset there are 2 buttons (up and down ) what they are for? I did not find any a sense for them. Why there is no description for the Headset. It seems the product you offer that’ s even not a Beta, ist much worster.
I added Pimax to Skype, my Teamview ID is 891817322. I hope you will be successful in finding a proper solution for all these Problems.

I’ m still waiting for your help

I’m so sorry that our company’s web is down today. I’m trying to contact u. Thank you for your waiting.