Pimax Lip Tracking a possibility?

Thought I’d share this, and was wandering if Pimax were considering making one, and if it could be powered by the bottom USB port where the handtracking unit clips onto?

Could be useful for Social VR.


But the ice cream is not really there!

The avatar movement and expressions are fairly impressive. Unfortunately, this technology manages to make people wearing a VR headset look even more dorky.

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I am in no way interested in looking cool when wearing a headset. Though I don’t like the new blue housing, it doesn’t bother me.

More on topic, the hand tracker module just needs another camera pointing towards the mouth I suppose. Would be awesome as a version 2


Wonder if you could use a mobile phone to do this.


I do not see the point of lip tracking as such.

It is already existing, at least partially sort of where it it most useful, when somebody actually talks.
See the star trek game for example, here lip tracking (forming lip/mouth expressions depending on the words/morphemes spoken into the microphone) adds to the immersion among friends.

Lip tracking alone, without eg. eyebrow, nose seems very gimmicky.
I‘m no VR chat guy but I guess they can mix „audio to lip movement“ with something recognizing to be agitated (loud audio input) + knobs setting a state of emotion eg. Y=happy X=sad etc.
This may actually be more immersive since a complete face could be achieved. It is a made up „lucky guess“ feature of course but so will be lip tracking.

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Imagine what the Japanese will do with it…
Let’s not.

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There are companies specialized in recognition of factial expressions. E.g. Star Citizen cooperates with FaceWare https://facewaretech.com/
Having this in VR would be great - this is the dimension that I miss in VR meeting solutions.

I’m sure that is something Facebook is intensively looking into. Collecting emotional feedback is their business.


Lip tracking needs additional software - like a useful sketch based VR CAD modeling program as powerful as FreeCAD or integration with a game like Star Citizen - to be a ‘must have’ IMHO. We already have decent videoconferencing for business meetings, and something more is needed to justify bringing high-end VR headsets to these meetings for all users.

Hence, my comment about the ice cream not being real. Sure, that looks amazing, but what can we do that we could not before?

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