Pimax Lighthouses?

Sorry if I’ve missed it earlier but do we know when the lighthouses will be shipped? Will it be the same time as the headsets?

Just wondering as I would like the minimum needed for 6DOV when seated when I get my 8K headset ))

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I think you need zero lighthouses for seated VR. I think they said they’d ship lighthouses after the HMDs… maybe Jan 19?


you definitely need lighthouses for seated, all you have without it is 3dof which is hardly that great for proper games

From the FAQ posted above Xunshu has said
"The progress of the base stations?
Estimated to have the first batch ready by Oct. "

Until then you’ll have 3 DOF as demonstrated by @SweViver in a Q&A he did a few days ago. Pitch, Yaw and Roll are all you’ll until then.

Here’s to hoping they actually hit this date, they’re usually off by a bit.

You can see me playing Project Cars 2 without lighthouses in my review. Works great!


How long did u play without the lighthouse tracking @SweViver was there much cockpit drift at all from the gyros?

Yes, but not at 6dof that OP wants

Also, we should organize that Stockholm meetup we were talking about before I get my email so I can chose :stuck_out_tongue:

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How many lighthouses are in the first batch. 10 ? 100 ? 1000 ?

Oh well, Leaning forward, backward and sideways in cockpit are important for me so I keep my fingers crossed that lighthouses are shipped with the head sets.

I do understand though there are lit LED’s on the HMD outside and I wonder if they can be configured for use in OpenTrack like a LED Cap or some such nature if the lighthouses don’t ship. Anyway, looking forward to my 8K when it ships. Now flying on my 15 inch laptop screen and that is a challenge )))

I know it’s been months, but I wanted to let you know that the HMD doesn’t have LEDs on the outside like the Rift. Lighthouses don’t work like the Rift’s sensors. The lighthouses emit lasers, and then the HMD has sensors that detect those lasers to determine where in the room the HMD is located.