Pimax Knuckles Controllers

We have all been promised Knuckle controllers with our Kickstarter orders but none of us have even seen a prototype. Tested specifically commented on how terrible the Pimax wand controllers were and personally I had no intention of buying them BUT the extra cost of buying the full kit is the almost the same as me buying a single HTC lighthouse here in New Zealand

Has anyone seen a picture of these new controllers their talking about?

@Matthew.Xu @bacon could you please post a picture of the early prototype here. Thanks

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We haven’t lockdown the design of the controllers yet, any idea feel free to let us know.


Try to get the Valve prototype knuckle controller and copy them as best you can


Although I would say put thumbsticks like the oculus controllers rather than the trackpads the knuckles have.


Roger that. We’ll think about that.

Keep in mind with thumb sticks opposed to the track pad you will need to use a button ti activate the stick to function as a trackpad. I have Razer Hydra and this is how it emulates the trackpad in games.

I would maybe suggest taking an idea from the original ipod and see if you could hybrid the the idea of trackpad & thumbstick.

The original ipod had a Donut clickable track pad with a button in the center. Replace the button with a thumb stick (maybe a bat instead of a hat)

Would need to test ergonomics of course.


Alternatively one could also have slider grip buttons ie index & middle fingers could have clickable buttons that slide left & right.

Or steam controller has analog rudders that when fully depressed activates a digital button

Not sure what you mean about needing a button to activate the stick to function as a trackpad. I have the oculus rift and even on games that are made for the Vive wands, the thumbstick works just as the trackpad would without pushing any additional buttons… thinking about it, the oculus thumbstick does have a capacitive sensor that can tell if your thumb is just resting on it, is that what you mean?

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That’s probably how they are emulating the trackpad.

My Razer hydra doesn’t have any touch sensors. So to activate stick to emulate vive track pad you use a button on the controller being held.

That is cool though that oculus put the stick touch sensor in as a work around.

The controller needs to be light, long lasting battery (not 3 hrs lol). And it needs to feel bad ass, not cheap plastic. Try to work with Valve and then come up with your own designs.

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We will take your idea seriously.

I think what might be interesting to explore is cut the steam controller in half. The bottom grip controls could be 2 using a clickable slider like above.

Using a strap perhaps like tape shows.

As for battery how does an external wrist band?

And of course put a touch sensor in the sticks so they will work like the touch’s emulation.

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I don’t want thumbsticks if it means losing complete circular and accurate capacitive thumb position detection or if there is any chance of slight incompatibility with the valve controller

Also given no information and the limited time frame for which these items come out… I would rather they stick the the standard design instead of implementing something random based on untested suggestions, implemented in a a half assed way, only to be rushed out to meet shipping targets. (eg. fundamental changes to positioning or thumb height with minimal testing might introduce rsi or joint strain over prolonged use).

Also if they stick to the base standard design, they can spend more time sourcing better quality components and try to keep the price point on track… (also more time on manufacturing quality assurance)

If they concentrate on that then they can just aim to be price competitve with reasonable quality for their first controller model and advance technology in future versions.


Absolutely agree.
I would very much like to work with AA batteries, as in the Oculus-touch, and not from the built-in batteries, which is enough for 3 hours … One battery in the Oculus-touch was enough for 1.5-2 weeks of active use. I was specifically bought by Eneloop Pro for this purpose.

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3 hours of battery life and 1 hour to charge?

There is no way I am buying those controllers.

I have a rift and I don’t see how the vive tracking solution could be that much better, that I would choose a 3 hours controller over a 3 weeks one.

Create both but wait for sticks after kickstarter release. Not a hard implementation. Truth a cyborg swap would be really cool. Its a minor addition & with stick could use exact same shell. Worrier. Lol

Usb chargerable external battery $3 dollerama 1800ma


Doesnt look like there is a cord to tighten it against the hand. Looks like they are trying to copy the looks of knuckles but none of the functionality.

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I think those are just for show. I don’t think they are meant to be functional at all.

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