Pimax keeps deleting my account

Pimax keeps deleting my account so I can’t log in to support. My 5K is rubbish it keeps going to black screens the vive satellites keep disappearing and the pimax software claims they are not there when they are plugged in and on. Head tracking not detected. This is the worst VR headset I have ever owned I cannot recommend it and I am going to make an in-depth video for YouTube. Don’t buy this it’s not ready and aftersales support is non-existent. A real con. The cost of returning a faulty product from Europe is a wallet ripper. Again for your own sake do not buy a Pimax.

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Can’t speak ti your Support acccount. Post your Supen number.

Now if you post your system specs there are many fellow headset owners whom may be able to help why your having setup/tracking issues.

Also post if your LHes are v1.0 or v2.0 & new or used. Do you have a vive?

A member here bought used LHes & found out they were defective. (@TheIronWolf)

Here is a link with possible solutions.


Yes, vive bases are fragile electromechanical devices, so the first step is to diagnose them by updating firmware and following this:


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