Pimax is doing a Great Job!

Pimax is doing a Great Job!!

Often we have issues with technology as I did with my Pimax 5k plus (Audio Jack, Left Side Not working).

We always come to the forums to complain, but really never come back to say Great Job and I want to come and say that the support has been getting better with more timely communication which will always make customer happy even if they don’t get immediate results, it just good to know that someone is working on your issue.

I received my replacement and it came with a really good extensive check list of items that were tested before shipping, that is exactly what I wanted as it helps to assure me that I have a better chance of not having issues right out of the box

Thank you for continuing to improve and thanks to (US Head of Operations and Company Spokesperson, Kevin Henderson) as my replacement was shipped from his North America Headquarters.

Again, Great work, and Thank You for your efforts.