Pimax, I swear please once you finish all our Backer orders PLEASE WORK ON PR!

Right now. Your moves can only offend 5000+ of your supporters and your loyal fans.

You have a decent product at least hardware wise.

Don’t screw this up. To be fair, I think communication has overall improved.

But on the international stage, once you are fighting with Samsung, HTC, Oculus and whoever else does VR. It’s another ball game. As a startup you cannot rely on your reputation and positive word of mouth is what is going to drive future sales.

Your company image has more value.

I’m in the VERY VERY fortunate position of backing early and waking up right when the KS Started to secure a spot. If I was any later I’d probably have a much more negative view.

I’ve followed this Kickstarter on and off every now and then but I wrote this post several times already. I just hope this whole KOREA incident will be the last thing I hear about.


They have a US rep already. Native English speaker too. Iv’e talked with him on Reddit and he sounds pretty switched on. Far more professional than what goes on here

Isn’t it a little late for that, when it’s confirmed they lied to all backers and sent out headsets to retailers first? They developed the HMD’s with backers money and then sold them to retailers, so they make money 2 times and the ‘investors’ haven’t even gotten their rewards yet. Typical Chinese scam and you’re saying they shouldn’t screw things up?

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I still have not yet seen even one post where Pimax or “Pri Max” has responded to this. Why not make a statement??

Right now Pimax is still a relatively new company at least in the Public eye.

We might not be happy as Backers but we represent a very small portion of their potential audience.

I think Star Citizen is more of a Scam than Pimax, at least they are delivering their product. To be honest, I never seen one case where Kickstarter backers don’t feel betrayed whenever it comes to backing tech products or even games.

I’m not condoning these practices. Obviously they should make a statement and reassure people etc, I mean they screwed up probably on purpose.

@Sjef I still think Pimax if they get their crap together can be good for the future of VR. Oculus is focuing on goddamn mobile and Valve Knuckles are still in the ether.


Yeah you’re right, Oculus seems to have given up on PC VR innovation and Valve seems to be ‘always developing’ without any product release.

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Well, atleast someone got the Valve knuckles today.

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Well you know Sj favors the Dark side similar to a sith. Might be Palpatine reborn. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles::joy:

That’s because it is being run by the Zuck.